Dell Laptop Battery Usage Tips

If you find yourself with no electrical adapter or power source and need your battery to operate for as long as possible, here are a few tips you can try when your laptop computer is in battery mode:
1. Use the laptop’s power management system
In Microsoft Windows the “Power Options” power management application can be found inside the Control Panel. In the Power Options Properties tab select the “Portable/Laptop” power scheme. Many laptop manufactories also provide their own custom power management applications, which help to optimize power usage and extend Battery time.
2. Turn down the display brightness
You can lower the LCD brightness level to use less energy. In fact a lower brightness level also strains the eyes less and causes less fatigue.
3. Close any unused applications
Applications are a burden on the system and require energy to run. Closing any unused applications will reduce that burden and any energy consumption down the line.
4. Remove any unused PC Cards or USB devices from your laptop
These devices require energy even when they sit idle, so removing them can help to extend your dell xps m1330 battery time.
5. Disable Wireless LAN or Bluetooth network adapter when not in use
Ditto for the Wireless LAN or Bluetooth network adapters.
6. Increase system memory
Your computer stores data for use by the CPU in system memory or as virtual memory in the hard drive. Increasing system memory helps to reduce the system’s reliance on the hard drive, which uses more energy than system memory.
7. Reduce unnecessary optical drive operation/activity
Avoid activities that require your optical drive to operate constantly, such as listening to CDs.
8. Avoid graphics intensive applications
The laptop system will run in a high performance settings when using these applications, causing the battery to run down at a very quick rate.

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