How to use laptop batteries(3)

Extend battery life to use:
? Although the lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect, but improper use will greatly affect the life span . Use of lithium-ion battery should note the following:
Under full power not use AC power | dell laptop battery voltage regulator -driven and not full of electricity compared to the state more easily filled with the aging electric . Especially when fully use the AC power drive , the battery will bring a heavy burden. Also increase the cooling capacity , and further accelerate the aging batteries . Therefore, the temporary use of laptop computers , once full of power , it had better battery power . Manufacturers recommendations when using the AC power Remove the battery ( remove the battery , but if we must pay attention to power failure or other accident, unplug the cable , there is no saved data will be lost ) .

Use power-saving features

Factors affecting battery life is the number of charge and discharge . In order to minimize the number of charge , can be used with laptop power saving function ( when using the battery , dimming the screen brightness , lower CPU speed to reduce power consumption ) . By the same token , batteries are charged, the best try not to charge the battery fully utilized .

Fully discharge once every few months

Another trick is to put each or a few months once the battery is fully discharged .Dell Latitude C600 Battery, Dell Latitude C610 Battery, Dell Latitude C640 Battery, Specific approach is to have zero power to the battery used to power after zero to stop using , connect AC adapter, then do not use personal computers, these cities to full power . Some personal computers have a ” battery discharge (Battery Refresh) function . ” If you think the battery is very easy to use , you can try using the battery discharge function .

When not long , unplug AC adapter

Not more than eight hours or more , in order not to burden the battery , remove the AC adapter . Also,Dell Latitude C640 Battery, if more than one month when not in use , please remove the battery from the machine , put in the shade.

When replacing the battery ?

Standard replacement battery is charged only to the original capacity of around 6 percent . Since there are many types of batteries , it is necessary to purchase personal computers in use that it was a model . In addition , it is best not to advance purchase spare , because if not , the battery will wear and tear .

There is now no need to buy genuine batteries , but to discharge the battery is being used to restore the performance of services. “BAYSUN” is one of them a week ‘s time to restore the battery performance.

This method , compared with the purchase of authentic , not just cheap, not in stock at the manufacturer , or second-hand laptop with the battery can no longer use is particularly convenient for such occasions .

I am afraid that with books all the people have experienced the power of embarrassment to find that , in fact, develop some good habits can be very effective in extending battery life books .
Always orderHard diskDebris : hard work , the more smoothly , it also consumes less power . Regular disk clean-up debris can easily do this . Of course, if you are using MacOSX , or Linux , then you can ignore this department, Dell Latitude C610 Battery, because they use the disk management and more scientific than Windows , few fragments . Dim your display : the vast majorityNotebookSupport the display brightness adjustment , and some models even adjust CPU frequency and supportCoolingSystem. Their adjustment to the minimum you can tolerate , which is very good saving . (In WinXP , you can by default AC and battery of different configurations , so that books in the plug-in automatically switched , and Vista, by moving the center can set multiple sets of books using the program to fully define the power to use ) to reduce background Run the program : iTunes, desktop search , etc. , which will increase the CPU load , reducing battery life .