How To Buy Oem Laptop Battery?

Understanding of the domestic market, What are the categories about laptop battery :

1. Original Laptop Battery: (usually a notebook manufacturers signed an agreement with the laptop battery manufacturer in cooperation and not to sell, only available to the laptop manufacturers only belong to regions, that is, within our common store sales, higher selling prices)
2. Fake original laptop battery: (This laptop batteries are mostly sold on  eBay, the use of original laptop batteries due to the high price of the general consumer with cheap psychology, with some mechanical and electrical core, or with the demolition of the old  circuit board assembly into the final change into a new shell, original labels deceive consumers. NOTE: This so-called original equipment batteries and not gone through rigorous safety testing, the use of dangerous, and Taobao’s suppliers are some Lingmai scattered individual operators, there is no formal after-sale security)
3. OEM manufacturer of notebook batteries: (formal OEM manufacturers manufacturing, but there are also some irregular OEM manufacturers. The use of the domestic market confusion, with split-core or use the old mechanical and electrical circuit boards, replacing them with newly plastic shell, and pasted into a OEM label and thus to deceive consumers)

The quality of non-original laptop battery to determine:
Non-original laptop battery is composed of roughly three parts: batteries, PCM plates, shell; Of course, these are also a direct impact on non-original laptop battery an important part of good and bad, Here I would like to talk about these important components of purchase of non-original laptop battery is Note that knowledge.

1. On non-original batteries, notebook batteries
Battery cells directly determines the quality of the non-original laptop battery capacity, endurance time and frequency of use, so the most important you should check is the battery cells when purchase non-original laptop battery, then we should check its safety, must be secondary protection, because the secondary protection is essentially to prevent the occurrence of an explosion, of course, to be built on the basis of good battery cells.
There are non-original laptop battery inside the insulating material is also very important, if the insulation failure, it is likely to lead to short-circuit batteries, so even if there are secondary protection, are more dangerous, so should be high temperature resistant insulating material, it is best to be fire if they are not in the laptop batteries were defective.

2. On non-original laptop battery PCM plates
PCM board determines the compatibility of non-original laptop battery. Typically, laptop battery production capacity is based on original laptop battery supplier information in the PCM board to write a program, this process need not be the same as original laptop battery, but it must be matched and the original notebook. Notebook is compatible with the need to test with the original notebooks, this process will increase the firms production costs. Under normal circumstances, notebook battery R & D were able to determine whether the new process is compatible with the original notebook, many small and medium manufacturers of notebook batteries original machine will dispense test the working procedure. However, not all businesses will dispense with this process, a number of large-scale and influential non-original laptop battery manufacturer in order to be responsible to consumers, will not hesitate to original cost of the testing machine in order to achieve perfection with the original laptop battery is compatible.

3. On non-original laptop battery shell
Non-original laptop battery casing material composition preferably also by the fire, so that only high temperature, the components inside of the laptop batteries have protective effects.

Non-original laptop battery market price:

After the above brief introduction, we would be able to know that a non-original cost of laptop batteries. The other two constituent materials can be ignored. In general: the materiel cost of a good quality  notebook battery (8 cells)  should be around 60 USD, so a good replacement laptop batteries (8 cells) ’s price, including operating costs and profits to reach the end consumer’s hands should be 70-80 USD; if it is low-quality goods, B-class laptop battery (8 cells) the materiel cost is 40 USD, the price for 50-60USD; if it is the lowest quality of Notebook Battery (8 cells) the materiel cost is about  for 25 USD, its price is usually between 30 -40 USD.

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