Explosion of the HP laptop battery

Recently, explosion of the laptop battery is happening often. Pay a high price to buy a problem hp g60 extended battery that have a risk of explosion danger. It is hard to accept for the end-user. But such events, happen again on your site.
On 3.15 CCTV party let HP once again run into Public Relations Crisis. DV2000 and DV3000 Series by exposure exists notebook remains fault. But the bigger problem lies about the consumers in the service of consulting, it is hard to be satisfaction for the consumer with the HP’s reply. HP, Toyota recalled the quality, purchased claim door.This series of hidden behind the quality problem, is the enterprise operation mode of existence of problem? With the product function and product to product quality service, whether the transition should be redefined? In consumer products and services used in the process of consumers and businesses, how is the opposite relationship? How should consumer safeguard their legitimate rights and interests?
Quality problem is the issue today. “We can get to the lowest price products, HP channel components to China has six cities, our telecom operators and the most extensive cooperation…” A year ago, when the HP global vice President, general manager of China HP information products on the Internet group weekly, he must not think today because of the HP laptop quality problem is to push a two-decade-long public opinion. By 2010, March 15 HP’s web site launched a “customer care to enhance plan”, because of its products and services to the customers “inconvenience for” and promised in the computer if customers within the scope affected models, and maintenance, hewlett-packard has board will provide the since the date of service of the two-year extension motherboard again. “Affected” models are mainly concentrated in the hp ev12 / dv6000 and Compaq Presario v3000 / v6000 series, the 2006 laptop computer products in nearly three years, because “flash screen”, “snow screen”, “quality problem such as overheated” mainboard by many complaints, and HP consumer is satisfactory solution to it in China, facing the most massive rights of collective action alliance complaints. Under the press of internet complaint and CCTV, HP China meet the media urgent on 3.16 and have the first public comments about the event. Mr.Zhang said, This incident, HP through a large number of internal investigation is confirmed, the execution of the service policy and HP to question. If you have problems, according to clause 3 HP will promise strictly enforced. On March 20, HP increased “care plan”, covering almost covers HP most low-end products.
Such event, maybe customers are nail-biting. So we should  buy the  A-class goods and take good care of your laptop battery.

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