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Ways To Improve Your Laptop Battery? Acer Laptop Battery Quick Tips

One of the most common human errors committed by almost everyone is the negligence of reading the user’s manual on the purchase of new product.  If one does read it—the reading may not have gone beyond the first two pages. By doing so, we generally miss out on many important tips and instructions on the product, in our case here, the laptop battery—the correct usage guides.  Unlike the past years, current laptop batteries are made of lithium ions (Li-Ion) which are more competent than their predecessors.

Today, online sources are flooded with technical and simple guides on laptop battery use and its run-life. In conformity with expert industry guidelines, some recommendations have shown great results for laptop users.  One such tip goes like this—laptop battery is best put to use after 3 cycles of ‘complete charge and discharge cycle.’  Carrying out this step diligently ensures that the cells inside the laptop battery are activated and ready to perform optimum charge-discharge cycle. If you have not been using the battery for over a period of 3 months than the method of ‘3 cycles of complete charge and discharge cycle’ is all the more important to enhance your laptop battery life, before restarting its use.

In addition, laptop with nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) based battery may have a different story altogether to tell. Overcharging is known to cut down the life of the NiMH laptop batteries, so these batteries are not to be put under extensive charging. Similar to Lithium-ion laptop battery, NiMHO laptop battery also requires the same charging method—charge and discharge 3 times before using it. Regardless of whether you own a Dell Laptop Battery or an IBM Laptop Battery, it is very important to monitor the temperature of your laptop because an over heated laptop could indicate the degrading health of your laptop battery. There are two things that a heated laptop directly hit— the effectiveness of the system and excess energy consumption. The probable cause of the rise in system temperature is the increasing resistance inside the battery. As a matter of fact, the optimum temperature of your laptop should not cross over the 25 degree Celsius benchmark.

Given below are few quick-tips to entice Acer Laptop Battery owners on how to achieve best results of their computers.

1.    Avoid using different charger for your Acer Laptop Battery or Dell Laptop Battery charging because incorporating charger with unlikely make and model could damage the internal paraphernalia of your laptop. Usually, the composition of each brand and model is different in terms of their voltage settings and connection ports.
2.    Keep your laptop cool because an overheated battery has a higher chance of getting damaged. Avoid blocking the warm-air vents because these are specifically built to keep the system from heating-up. In addition, confining and packing in the laptop in carry-cases are big “No.” Because if you do so while battery is still warm, the heat gets trapped leading to more harm than good.
3.     Refrain from the habit of charging battery all the time. 100% charging in a 24/7 routine is not necessarily the ‘must-do’ of your laptop battery. You can do without it and still receive the best results.
4.    In case, if you want to remove the Acer laptop battery while you plan on working for hours at your desk, the recommended practice is not to store the removed battery in a fully charged or a depleted charge state.  Of course, that leaves with the middle path—store the removed battery between 40-50% of full charge.
Battery back-up is the life of a laptop therefore laptop owners are often faced with the important task of learning to charge the battery in the correct manner.

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