Laptop battery on 3 leading cuts



Before, notebook case has created a hubbub. Aug 2006, the spread of a fire-prone brand laptop computer battery problem, and could burn the entirely laptop computer. August 14, 2006, the brand recall order cost issued in the United States, announced the recall of 410 laptop battery may cause fire, saying defective battery supplier production.


Afterward, providers recognize the claim, and said: defective laptop battery production process, mainly due to small metal fragments mixed, these Fragmentation battery system with computing device Chongdian contact a short, causing Guore or explosion.


Subsequently, the big brand notebook makers have to have the defective laptop batteries recall order was issued, and made for the matter of compensation to consumers.


“Battery Door” event to enable consumers to re-recognize the notebook battery – if the laptop battery quality problems, is likely to burn the whole Toshiba PA3535U-1BAS; if we use the original notebook battery, the battery can lead to accident compensation.


For consumers, safety is always the most important, followed by unexpected product when the compensation package. If I use the original Toshiba PA3535U-1BAS battery, then either burn the battery alone, or the whole laptop batteries caused all the burning, I can get from the laptop manufacturer for compensation. However, if I use a third-party laptop battery, then when the accident occurred, it is difficult to find a relatively clear compensation package.


Therefore, third-party laptop battery, how to ensure the safety of products, how in the event of an accident to provide a reasonable compensation package is definitely the concern of consumers.


A comprehensive third-party laptop battery :


Die variety of notebook computers, Toshiba Satellite A505D series battery dies naturally varied. Single-off from our recent evaluation prototype of the notebook, you can pick out several different styles of laptop battery dies.


If you want to operate a third party Fujitsu laptop batteries and would like to strengthen and expand, certainly not dependent on a single species, at least to “cover all popular notebook computer” level. However, the development of Toshiba Satellite A505D series battery dies it requires a lot of money, which is “Why has long been a third-party laptop battery is not a” main reason.


Therefore, third-party laptop battery, how to ensure the comprehensiveness of the battery dies, is also a major issue of concern to consumers.


The need for third-party laptop battery:


The last problem is the need for third-party laptop battery. Bluntly, that is – not only the original laptop battery with high safety, but also in the time unexpected can also provide compensation, and there is no “mold type of failure” problem, then why do we need to purchase third-party laptop battery what?


Present, the original Fujitsu laptop batteries prices generally are high, except in very specific brand laptop batteries other than the price of 300 yuan, the price of most brand laptop batteries are 600 yuan, the price of some brands laptop battery even surpassed 1000 yuan .


We specifically as this in the company which conducted a survey of colleagues to answer the basic is: “original Toshiba PA3535U-1BAS battery price is too high, so to increase the endurance time to buy a battery is too luxurious, so if the price is cheaper, I’d would consider buying a few pieces to prepare for contingencies.


Can be seen, only third-party Toshiba Satellite A505D series battery price brassy plenty to energise the desire of consumers to buy, this is a third party decide the success or failure of the key issues laptop battery.




First of all, we must recognize the value of third-party Toshiba PA3535U-1BAS battery, notebook batteries original price because it is too high. Secondly, we hope third-party laptop battery to properly handle security, the need for comprehensive and three major problems. Finally, we would like to see the majority of users to third-party laptop battery view.

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