The red multimeter is displaying amps and the yellow multimeter is displaying volts of the battery pack. Here I was using 11 AA batteries. Using between 10 and 12 cells worked because those were the voltages in which the inverter would not shutdown. The I got a total of at least 30 minutes of run time from one set of batteries. 8 of the cells were new 2500mah nimh cells and the others were 2000mah nimh. I tried to use 1000mah nicd cells, but the voltage would drop below 1 volt per cell. The larger capacity of nimh cells outweighed the higher “c” rate of the nicd cells in terms of over all output wattage of each cell. The highest power draw that I had seen was about 3.5 amps when playing Need for Speed. According to the computer, the power usage was between 15 watts and 30 watts. The inverter was a 400w black and decker model. The trick to the whole experiment was to make sure the laptop wasn’t charging its internal battery, which would of made the power draw to be around 50-60 watts, way too much for AA batteries. I tried this once with an old compaq laptop by directly wiring the cells to the power port. This required about 30 cells, which meant some of the cell’s voltages must have been near 0.
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