Know The Basic Identifiable Parts Of A Laptop Battery

Just as the fuel determines the mileage of an automobile, it is the battery that predicts the life of a laptop thus, a laptop with a defunct battery is of no use. Assembling a laptop battery involves meticulous placement and segregation of its various components on the basis of their functions. In the last few years, the production of laptops has expanded at a rocket speed in order to meet the great consumers demand. But, the secret behind the success of laptops as an excellent mobile computing device is purely due to the efficient and increasingly user-friendly modified versions of laptop batteries.

In other words, ‘portability’ is the underlying USP for the widespread sale and popularity of laptops around the world.  The components of a laptop determine its identity and each component holds an important role in the overall battery life. As a matter of fact, it is the ‘cells’ that give portability and high density of energy in mobile computing devices.

In every laptop battery there are few basic characteristics such as capacity, chemistry, voltage, cells, wHr, color, cell manufacturer and weight. Most importantly, the capacity of a laptop battery directly tells the power or energy output of the laptop, also a laptop battery undergoes immense changes in its attempts to complement with the lightness of the product. Irrespective of whether the replacement battery is purchased during a discount laptop battery sale or procured ‘freshly arrived’ stocks, 100% replacement compatibility with the original battery is a must. Over the years, technology has evolved to suit users in every aspect of mobile computing where ‘laptops’ have become the ‘buzz word’. Presently, Ni-MH and Li-Ion are the most widely used chemical components in the making of laptop batteries, and the lightness of laptop battery is largely credited to the advent of Li-ion based laptop battery. Why lithium? The reason is that lithium is one of the lightest metals used in the manufacture of mobile computing batteries.

In addition, battery cells play an important role in the overall value of a battery and the number of their use varies from one battery model to another. For example, the cell of a Li-ion based battery is usually 3.6V cylindrical and has practically no memory effect but contains longer storage life compared to NiMH battery cells. Nowadays, they are more compact and have high energy density allowing them to become one of the most prevalent types of cells. Hence proved, the reason why this type of battery is more popular both among manufacturers as well as users.

To illustrate with an example, a Compaq laptop battery of the model Presario 2103 2150 2170 Battery has 8 cells while another with model no. C300 V2000 M2000 Battery has only 6 cells. It is extremely important to note that every pros and cons is taken into account regarding the compatibility of the replacement battery with your device before procuring one. In some cases, some devices may allow the battery to be upgraded from Ni-MH to Li-ion, doing this is known to extend the life of the battery manifold. Low cost or cheap laptop battery is an economical option for most of the laptop buyers on the look-out for replacement battery, but one must be skeptical and picky during the shopping spree for cheap battery.

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