Learn more about the Toshiba Satellite T100 Series laptop at laptops.toshiba.com For carrying cases, batteries, AC adapters and other accessories for your Toshiba Satellite T100 series laptop, check your model number…. If your model number is T115-SXXXX visit bit.ly If your model number is T115D-SXXXX visit bit.ly If your model number is T135-SXXXX visit bit.ly If your model number is T135D-SXXXX visit bit.ly The Toshiba Satellite® T130 and T110 series laptops are affordable, ultra-thin laptops built for everyday life-on-the-go. Toshiba’s thinnest and lightest Satellite® models feature a power-efficient processor, making it ideal for students or fast-moving pros who demand a travel-friendly laptop with long battery life. Though sleek and light, the T130 and T110 deliver the performance you’d expect from a standard laptop—horsepower to handle the day’s tasks or evening’s entertainment, plus a great communications package to keep you effective, online and in touch. They also offer uncommon convenience, thanks to a suite of Toshiba Smart features, plus a comfort-driven, eco-focused design that includes a stunning Fusion™ Finish in Nova Red, White or Black. Toshiba Satellite T100/T115/T135 series laptop models include: T115-S1105 (T115S1105) T115-S1108 (T115S1108) T115-S1100 (T115S1100) T115D-S1120 (T115DS1120) T115D-S1121 (T115DS1121) T115D-S1125 (T115DS1125) T115D-S1120R (T115DS1120R) T135-S1300 (T135S1300) T135-S1310 (T135S1310) T135-S1309 (T135S1309) T135-S1310WH

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