How To Test The Capacity Of your Laptop Battery AC & DC Adapter

Mobile computing is analogous to laptop, notebook and net book. Without a good laptop battery charger a laptop is lifeless and limp. Laptop AC adapters vary according to the make and model in terms of designs, input tip, voltage, watt output etc. Irrespective of which laptop brand you own most of the internationally well-known brands provide the minutest details of a battery charger on the back of the adapter.  The hieroglyphic symbols on the power back apparently are technical representations of the authenticity and legitimacy of the product. As a laptop user it is very important to ascertain if the laptop giving the right amount of power supply as indicated in the power back sticker.

No matter if it is a Toshiba laptop battery or a Dell laptop battery the rule of the game is practically the same. The main function of laptop adapters or power bricks is to convert Alternating Current (AC) into Direct Current (DC) which the laptop can then use as a power source. If poor flow of power or disruption in its flow exists then the computer is bound to exhibit minimal charge or not at all. How to keep a tab on the performance of the AC adapters plays a crucial in determining the performance of the laptop, notebook or netbooks. Testing AC adapters for the power capacity it promised on the product sticker is easy and simple.

1.    When you buy laptop battery charger always check out the power pack sticker for details on the adapter and its compatibility with different brands and models. The purpose of the LED light in most laptop adapters is to indicate the charging status, when it illuminates it indicate that power s being supplied to the laptop. Unfortunately, 100% accuracy may not be delivered by the LED light and some point of variation exists.

2.    Ensure that the adapter is plugged in properly to the power outlet and it is well-secured.

3.    Find out the voltage ratings generally given on the bottom of the laptop adapter.

4.    First, you may need to get a Volt/Multi Meter and in it insert the wirings into the right places— red wire to the positive slot and black wire to the negative slot. Ensure that the ends are plugged in without the plastic handles.

5.    Even if you have bought a cheap laptop battery the test applies to any laptop battery. Now, set the Multi/Volt Meter to DCV (Direct Current Voltage). After that set the voltage higher than the voltage mentioned on the adapter. Usually, the number on the Volt/Multi Meter is left to the number 50.

6.    You may then put the tip of the red conductor inside the adapter and the tip of the black on the metallic edge of the adapter.

7.    Refer the needle reading for the correct amount of power supply. The reading should show the needle landing on the voltage marking near the voltage listed on the back of the adapter. If the result doesn’t show any of the above then your laptop battery may require replacement.

Your laptop battery life is typically determined by the condition and performance of your battery AC adapter. Buy Laptop Battery or Buy Laptop Charger, regularly testing its power capacity can boost your battery’s usability tremendously.

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