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Laptop battery using tips. How to take care your laptop battery?
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If the laptop is different from most important feature of the desktop,I want to be with a laptop battery to operate independently, and this is like a notebook computer the greatest significance of the birth of – let people get out to use.

In this case, choose when to choose one for laptop batteries have become an essential part. But as a consumer, the most intuitive is that the number of cell batteries. Most of the notebook computer market standard 8-core, 6-core or 4 core of the lithium-ion battery. One standard 4-cell lithium-ion batteries are often ultra-thin products, but most of these products can choose to have more core number of cells for longer battery life. As for the number of two different batteries for laptops, batteries are generally more than the number of long life.

There are other friends a better understanding of the notebook when in the selection of products will be more focused on the size of the battery mAh unit, mAh battery apacity of the unit is its Chinese name is mAh. Purchases in general, many of my friends might think mAh battery unit will have a big longer life time. But the reality is not so, the laptop battery can often be seen on the 6-4400mAh, 4-core 2200mAh battery nominal value such as the passage of time we believe that directly determine the capacity of 4400mAh or 2200mAh laptop working hours.

But in fact not the case, the real master, a unit of battery capacity should be Wh, watt-hours of its Chinese name. Of course, Wh and mAh is closely related to the following formula: Wh ÷ V × 1000 = mAh be noted that the measurement of electrical power consumption of the unit itself should be a power, which is watts.

Since then,  we can learn to select the notebook when the battery is not where it should be noted mAh and voltage but the number of Wh. Forexample to speak, is also a 4800mAh lithium-ion battery voltage at 10.8V and 11.1V under different out of life embodied in the ability different,and this different from the Wh different. By calculating we can get the following equation:

4800 ÷ 1000 × 10.8 = 51.84 (Wh)

4800 ÷ 1000 × 11.1 = 53.28 (Wh)

It is obvious to see that 4800mAh 11.1V Li-Ion battery on the battery life would be

an advantage

tips:1)Battery usage

If the election is an important work of the battery, then the battery will also be essential to the curriculum. But now here we clarify the fact that the actual time of notebooks often are lower than the nominal life time manufacturers The reason is due to vendor testing process is 30% based on the system found in the conduct of of.

Let us see how to use a good laptop battery, first of all say that when you start a new notebook, when no longer necessary as early as between the use of nickel-hydrogen battery to its full 12-hours, because when the laptop’s power management software within the have reported full time overshoot protection circuit had stopped charging the battery. Be warned, however, the new lithium-ion batteries haveactivation is then completely filled with light can be repeated 2-3 times.

2)Overshoot easily cause the battery explosion
Another message from many of the readers I know many of my friends like to win the laptop’s battery to use. LEAVE lost laptop batteries and has a kind of distinction between the desktop, the purpose of doing so alone and could not be extended for its notebook battery life, and even affect their life. The reason is when the lithium-ion batteries in long-term relatively quiescent state, that the battery power when no electricity or less the case, probably only about 6 months time it will completely lose the function of storing energy. But if you insist on winning the battery to use,  it should be filled up to 90% of the electricity, and the plastic wrap on a cool place to save.

So specifically, a battery life of just how long? Lithium-ion battery and in fact there is no specific shelf life, an 8-core life of lithium batteries will be subject to charge cycles, probably about 600 to 1200 times, and maybe some friends will be 300 to 500 times the explanation, but the current technology for charging down the number of 1000 can still be guaranteed.

In summary, the daily user complete no need to use the battery won, while the so-called maintenance only simple to use about half a year in time for notebook PCs will be fully charge and discharge time. (That is using battery power until the battery runs out and then recharge) to note that friends do not take any metal objects short positive and negative discharge, as this will damage the battery itself completely. Take those cautions into action, your laptop batteries will have a long life, be long life laptop battery.


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