How Revive a Dead Laptop Battery?

Bring a seemingly dead laptop battery back to life, to a usable state, though not quite as new. It could be almost as good as a laptop battery and a lot cheaper than a universal external laptop battery. With a freezer, in the same place you your peas and frozen TV dinners, you could back a dead laptop battery.

Just follow the instructions below and save money. It costs you only the time it takes to completethe list below. So do yourself a favor and do it yourself.

1. Set a dead laptop battery in a completely sealed plastic bag.
2. Place the bag and battery in the freezer between 11-14 hours.
3. Remove the bag from the freezer and allow the battery to room temperature after taking out of his pocket, which is very important.
4. If your laptop battery is still wet with a dry cloth.
5. Place your laptop batteries once dead back to your laptop.
6. Now fully charge your battery then let it discharge fully. Repeat this step at least 3-4 times.
7. Your dead battery, should be much more usable, if not fully recovered.

Well, you do not remove the batteries for a fraction of the cost of alternative methods. So, do not condemn your laptop battery in the trasham but for the moment. With this method, you will see savings between 30-90% of the cost of replacement laptop battery. This inexpensive alternative method is to replace the batteries in the battery with a new brand. You must first remove the laptop battery from your computer. You must then carefully open the battery, a screwdriver should do the job. Inside is with multiple batteries and a plurality of wires are facing. AWord of warning when a battery is leaking proceed with caution. If you are not sure then do not continue.

Now you need to write down exactly the type of laptop battery that you have, and I repeat exactly what it is connected (cable) to each other. Just to make sure your old batteries, you could use a millimeter or a similar device to test to see what they have to state if this leaking then touch dispose of them properly and then make sure you wash yourhands thoroughly and you’re back in business. After confirming that they are actually dead laptop batteries need to order some spare batteries. These provide the replacement have a higher value than the old mah, only slightly. If your laptop batteries with new ones put in the correct position and replace the wiring so you can make the necessary soldering. Make sure you use the appropriate safety equipment and check all connectionscorrect. Once your laptop batteries in power and all confirmed, you should test your millimeter, to ensure they are working as expected.

Put the laptop battery and close properly. Install the laptop battery in your laptop and enjoy your laptop back to life.

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