www.LowEndGuru.com This video shows how to manually calibrate the battery of the Acer Aspire One in an attemp to avoid critical battery failures that may trigger the “Black Screen of Death” problem. Step 1 Charge the battery completely. Step 2: Deactivate all hibernation and alarms. Set the power scheme to “always on”. Let the battery discharge completely. Step 3: Charge the battery again. (Username WBarts offered a little tip: “You should Remove the battery from? the cpu once drained and reinstall. Then Charge it up to full.” I don’t know it fhis is necessary, but it deffinetly won’t hurt.) This procedure can be repeated up to 3 times for a more thorough calibration. This process will not harm your battery. Sources: www.eastwoodzhao.com www.laptops-battery.co.uk www.youtube.com

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