Learn more about the Toshiba Satellite U500/U505 Series laptop at laptops.toshiba.com For carrying cases, batteries, AC adapters and other accessories for your Toshiba Satellite U500 series laptop, check your model number…. If your model number is U500-STXXXX visit bit.ly If your model number is U505-SXXXX visit bit.ly Lightweight, exceptionally stylish and offering great battery life, the Satellite® U505 laptop is a no-compromise PC delivering performance, portability and multimedia features. Built with energy-smart Toshiba technology, it has a distinctive 13.3 diagonal display, giving you ample room to work and—unlike others in its category—a DVD player for watching movies, listening to music or sharing work. It has a compact chassis, weighs in at under 5 pounds and is set off by a beautiful textured finish, which makes it easy to use in cramped quarters, while making for some very admiring looks. Excellent communications options enable real-time face time even when youre away. New Toshiba Bulletin Board and ReelTime™ productivity apps help simplify your day. And extras like a TouchPad™ with Multi-touch Control let you do more with less effort. Wherever you want to go, whoever you want to impress, this PC is there for you. Toshiba Satellite U500/U505 Series models include: U505-S2935 (U505S2935) U505-S2940 (U505S2940) U505-S2925W (U505S2925W) U505-S2925P (U505S2925P) U505-2925BN (U5052925BN) U500-ST5302 (U500ST5302) U505-S2980T (U505S2980T) U505-S2970 (U505S2970) U505
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