Bye Bye USB
Laptop Battery

Image by elisharene
This is what’s left of the cable connecting my iPhone to my laptop. Inside, you can see four wires: red, green, white and black. Only the red and black are still in tact; the green and white are severed and flailing about. The cable doesn’t actually connect, so I cannot transfer music or backup in any way. It also takes eight hours to fully charge when it used to take only one. I have to be so gentle with it when charging, for fear that one of the two remaining "life lines" will split and the world will end.

It’s been like this for over a month and I kept telling myself it would do just fine. I need to conserve money as I just started a new job and I just moved to a new city. But, no, this will not do just fine. I will buy a new USB to iPhone cable today.

I’m also missing my delete key (thanks Brentley) and my laptop battery is dead so it has to be plugged in at all times. I remember a time when technology was fun and exciting. Now it’s all about maintenance.

11:366 – January 12: trip to the park
Laptop Battery

Image by Dread Pirate Jeff
Today I went to the park to hang out with the geese while Dana slept. At least the park has free Wi-Fi. It’s a shame my laptop battery only lasts an hour :(

Packed bag for AES and SF trip
Laptop Battery

Image by Rob Blatt
Who is going to be in San Francisco this weekend? Let me know, I wanna
meet as man people as possible!

Sent while on the go

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