Power Failure
Laptop Battery

Image by Kazbad
We’ve been running on generator power here for the last few hours, and
the oil company stopped by to top off the reserve and give us the max
operational duration possible. Good times!

When this happened a year or so ago, we only had battery backup for
the servers. As the power in our laptop batteries faded, people
dropped out to work from other locations. That was a legitimate
disaster, while this is more of an adventure! Or at least a
distraction. This afternoon is sure to go quickly.

WestJet 737-600 at YYZ
Laptop Battery

Image by sillygwailo
No TVs on the back of the seats, which they were in the process of installing on their 737-600 fleet. Oh well, that’s what having two laptop batteries is for.

From my Throne
Laptop Battery

Image by missbhavens
My laptop battery was dying on the patio so I’m greeting new arrivals at the door at the Hilton Bayfront in St. Augustine because that’s where the outlet is!

Silly Hilton!

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