How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Life to Save Time and Effort

If you’re always on the move, your laptop’s power will have to depend on the battery. To make sure that your laptop batteries life will extend for years, you’ll have to take good care of it.

Whenever you use different programs for your laptop, you’ll also be using up a lot of RAM, which ultimately needs a lot more power to work faster, thus producing more heat, and thus having to use up more power to counter that heat. Don’t get caught up in the never-ending cycle.

The best way in extending your laptop battery life is to make sure that your laptop doesn’t overheat. Don’t put use your laptop on a cushion or pillow as this will stop the airflow that keeps your laptop cool. Instead, use a wooden or glass table, which cools part of the air completely. For extra insurance, you can put a book underneath your laptop to make sure that the fan will work and that the air can effectively cool down the area.

Putting your laptop into hibernate mode may be a slower boot than simply putting it on standby, but this will also save your battery. Putting your computer on hibernate mode saves your desktop on the last time you use it, but it also shuts down your computer so your battery won’t take up much power.

Extending your laptop battery life requires that you take good care of your batteries so it won’t get worn off quickly. Make sure that you drain your batteries once a month, and use it at least once a week until it drains.

If you have another hp laptop battery, keep it charged but store it for only one or two days before using it as the other one charges. Don’t keep your laptop plugged and charging when the battery is already full. Doing all these will not only be extending your laptop battery life, but will also make sure that you won’t be spending us much trying to get your computer fixed, or buying new laptop batteries.


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How To take care your laptop battery?

When using a laptop as a desktop replacement the battery should not be left in for long periods of time. The laptop will over time discharge the battery. Remove the battery,making sure that it is charged to 50% and store it in a dry, warm place. Ensure that it is wrapped protectively and nothing will be dropped on it.

The battery should be re-installed every 3-4 weeks and allowed to fully discharge. Leaving a battery in storage for longer than this without using could cause the battery to fully discharge as the circuitry of the battery itself consumes power.

Leaving a battery in a laptop while using an electrical outlet for long periods of time will keep the battery in a constant state of charging up and that will reduce the life cycle of the laptop battery.

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