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Laptop Battery Problems


Laptop Battery Problems

What would we do without laptops? From those who prefer to do work on the go at a coffee shop to those who simply want a smaller computer to work on from home, laptop computers are the way to go. They are portable, easy to work on and the answer to many who wish for a fast method of jumping onto the Internet or performing work no matter where they are. However, as most laptop users know, it is not always possible to plug your laptop in, and you must be able to depend on your machine’s batteries. laptop battery can be very expensive, so let’s take a look at the most common laptop battery problems that users experience and some tips that may help laptop users.

It has probably happened to you before; you were working on an important presentation or perhaps a complicated Excel spreadsheet when your laptop suddenly warned you that the battery was low. You rush to save your work before everything closes down. Or perhaps you just charged your laptop, believed all would be fine and suddenly an issue occurred. It’s happened to all of us, so let’s take look at the most common laptop battery problems that people experience and what may be done to prevent them.

Batteries, as you probably know, can be extremely expensive. The main reason for this is that the manufacturer of any particular laptop is the only manufacturer for the battery as well. Each laptop will only work with one certain battery and most are not interchangeable as everyday batteries are.

One of the most common problems is called memory effect. This is a term used to describe what happens when an owner constantly recharges the battery without it discharging fully. For example, you may have worked on your laptop all day and noticed in the evening that the battery had roughly half life left. You then charge the battery overnight and wake up to a fully charged one. This may seem like a good idea, however charging a sony vgp-bps9 battery that is not fully discharged and in need of charging will eventually cause memory effect and begin to last less and less time for you until eventually a so-called fully charged battery only lasts minutes. While batteries are not alive, this is referred to as the battery forgetting that it has unused capacity and it discharges faster each time that it is used. This can all be avoided if you only recharge your laptop battery when it truly needs charging.

Another one of the most common laptop battery problems is when a laptop is left sitting unused, with the battery still in it. Even while not in use, the battery will slowly be drained. You will then find that when you do finally try to turn on your laptop, the battery is dead . This can be avoided by taking out the battery if you will not be using your laptop for several days to a week or longer

Another issue that is one of the most common laptop battery problems is an overheating vgp-bps9 battery. Have you ever been at work on your machine and realized that the battery was becoming very hot to the touch? If this happens, the battery would be removed and allowed to cool off. If this issue continues to happen, it may be a defective battery. It is then recommend to not use that battery as doing so could cause damage to your machine. You can also experience battery problems if you allow your battery to completely discharge outside the laptop. You should check the battery while it in storage so it will not be allowed to completely discharge. This could also prevent the laptop from accepting the battery when you place it back into the computer

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CompTIA A+ 220-701 – Laptop Power Technologies


Watch hours of free CompTIA A+ videos: Laptop computers are the ultimate portable computing device, and their portability means that you’ll need to use many different power sources. In this video, you’ll learn about fixed input power supplies, auto-switching power supplies, and battery technologies.
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HP BUSINESS dell latitude d630 laptop battery Details


HP BUSINESS dell latitude d630 laptop battery Details

1. We offer 30-Day Money Back,1 Year Extended Warranty for hp business dell latitude d630 laptop battery series battery.
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Laptop batteries tips:
1. Can’t turn on laptop caused by the battery problem
Laptop batteries could cause failure of turning on a laptop easily. Try to turn battery off and turn on laptop through the outside electrical source when laptop can’t turn on and all the indicator light if off.
2. Why laptop battery can’t charge to 100%?
Gernally speaking,batteries for laptop can’t charge to 100% belongs to the display problem but not the battery fault. After adjust the electricity display 1-2 times,it will show correctly.
3. Whether laptop battery life will be cut down when battery hasn’t run out and is charged?
Battery life is generally computed by the times of full charge.Lithium battery usual have 300-400 times and once is defined charge it up to 80%-90%. So don’t be worried.
4. What is the best temperature for battery storage?
Because very hot or cold conditions could affect a battery’s performance,you’d better store the hp business dell latitude d630 laptop battery in a place with recommended storage temperature of 15°C (59°F).
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1. HP business dell latitude d630 laptop batteries shop sells cheap, new hp laptop batteries , any hp business dell latitude d630 laptop series battery in our notebook battery shop is brand new,work very well with the original business dell latitude d630 series laptop battery.

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A123 Worlds Smallest VS. “Strongest” 12V Jumpstart battery


In this video i finally decided to show you how IMPRESSIVE are these A123 cells. During the test, when the starter ran for about 2-3sec, the current reached 230A. The GM volt wanted to use the same A123 brand and chemistry of these cells. I never saw any smaller booster pack than this one that i built.. even though i searched on the www or in any stores.. so i believe that this is probably the most compact and powerfull boostpack in the world… They dont need to be plugged like 10 or 15 minutes like many “booster” conected to lighter plug…. This one can quick boost in less than 30sec.. just the time to connect it.. no need to wait! For those who ask about battery mixing.. there is no problem.. their charge voltage is 14.4V (3.6V/cells) and this is the same common voltage of any alternator charging voltage. their charge and discharge profile (graph curve) one of the most similar than SLA (lead acid)… Nicad or NiMh can not do that… they can explode… the A123 can not explode.. just search about: “A123 Nail test” on youtube you will see… they are SAFE battery.. no toxic.. no fire… In this voideo i’m not trying to sale them.. I repeat: I just want to show people that the NEW Lithium battery are far away from the last that explode (Sony lithium cobalt.. like on the laptop or cellphone..) Like for the SAFT battery, the army is using them too. I know these A123 cells perfectly cause i tested them and i know every of their caracteristics. Just ask.. that will be a
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Bye Bye USB


Bye Bye USB
Laptop Battery

Image by elisharene
This is what’s left of the cable connecting my iPhone to my laptop. Inside, you can see four wires: red, green, white and black. Only the red and black are still in tact; the green and white are severed and flailing about. The cable doesn’t actually connect, so I cannot transfer music or backup in any way. It also takes eight hours to fully charge when it used to take only one. I have to be so gentle with it when charging, for fear that one of the two remaining "life lines" will split and the world will end.

It’s been like this for over a month and I kept telling myself it would do just fine. I need to conserve money as I just started a new job and I just moved to a new city. But, no, this will not do just fine. I will buy a new USB to iPhone cable today.

I’m also missing my delete key (thanks Brentley) and my laptop battery is dead so it has to be plugged in at all times. I remember a time when technology was fun and exciting. Now it’s all about maintenance.

11:366 – January 12: trip to the park
Laptop Battery

Image by Dread Pirate Jeff
Today I went to the park to hang out with the geese while Dana slept. At least the park has free Wi-Fi. It’s a shame my laptop battery only lasts an hour :(

Packed bag for AES and SF trip
Laptop Battery

Image by Rob Blatt
Who is going to be in San Francisco this weekend? Let me know, I wanna
meet as man people as possible!

Sent while on the go

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Make a battery with cola!


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Dell laptop battery News


Dell laptop battery News

Dell laptop battery issues have hit the headlines over the last few years, most notably in 2006 when Dell recalled 4.1 million laptop batteries, issuing replacement laptop batteries to notebook users. Apple laptop battery, HP laptop battery, and Toshiba laptop battery recalls were also made.

Dell recalled the lithium ion batteries, manufactured by Sony and used in Dell Latitude, Dell Inspiron and Dell Precision notebook computers built between April 2004 and July 18, 2006.

The notebook battery recall accounted for about 19% of the 22 million notebooks Dell sold during that time period.

In 2008, Dell laptop battery, HP laptop battery, and Toshiba laptop battery recalls were again made, involving notebook batteries manufactured by Sony. It is believed about 100,000 batteries were potentially faulty, with a number of overheating incidents, which saw some customers receive burns.

The battery recall was not on the same scale as one in 2006 which saw manufacturers including Apple, Dell, Sony and HP recalling almost 10 million fire hazard laptop batteries. offers high quality replacement laptop batteries, brands as Sony laptop batteries, JVC laptop batteries, Canon laptop batteries, Toshiba laptop batteries… Digital camera Batteries for Canon, Nikon, Sony, JVC, Kodak, Konica, Minolta, Olympus… Battery Chargers for all kinds of Camcorders and Digital Cameras…

Some laptop components, such as laptop batteries, AC adapters and battery chargers, can be found in usual offline stores, but at a higher price. You can save your time and money buying components for your laptop on our site – up to 30-35% savings on a new laptop battery!

We offer low prices on laptop batteries and adapters for major brands such as Dell, Acer, Toshiba, Compaq, SONY, Apple, IBM, HP etc., and a wide range of other quality batteries – Power Tool batteries, Digital Camera batteries, Camcorder batteries, Mobile Phone batteries and more.

When shopping on, you get great customer service, a 30 Days’ Satisfaction Guarantee and 12 Months Warranty. Replacement notebook battery for most major brands, including Dell, Toshiba, Compaq, Fujitsu, Sony, Apple, HP, IBM , Gateway and Lenovo. Also provide the highest quality battery for Camera, camcorder, power tools, mobile phone and the lowest price on Laptop ac/dc adapters, battery chargers with the highest level of service.
Shop with Confidence: Brand New & Factory Fresh. 30-Day Money-back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty.

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the best brand new Hp 510 laptop batteries at the most preferred price


the best brand new Hp 510 laptop batteries at the most preferred price

What should you do to keep your laptop battery healthy?

1.) Always use your laptop on a hard surface.

Laptops are portable and it’s easy to set your laptop on your Hp 510 laptop battery or on your bed or use it at your lesiure. That’s one of the benefits of having a portable computer. Flexibility. But if you want to extend your battery’s life you have to watch out for overheating your laptop.Heat is one of the biggest obstacles to battery’s life longevity. Your laptop computer fan cannot circulate the air properly when your laptop is sitting on soft surface.

2.) Do not keep your battery installed when use your laptop on AC for an extended period of time.

While your laptop is undoubtedly using a smart charger to charge even a constant trickle charge over months can reduce your battery’s life. For best results, only charge your Hp 510 laptop battery when you need to charge it, don’t leave the laptop battery plugged in all the time.More importantly than the trickle charger affect is the ‘storage’ of a Li-Ion battery at elevated temperatures. The optimum storage temperature for a Li-Ion battery is at 0 deg. C. The optimum storage charge level is about 40%. Unfortunately we tend to store fully charged and at the temperatures found in a running laptop you’ll find a significant reduction in battery for your laptop performance after only 12-18 months.

3.) Use a full charge cycle before recharging

Li-Ion and NiMH battery (which most Hp laptop battery are), do not have a memory which you might find in NiCad batteries. However, each chemistry has a limited number of charge cycles, so use a full charge cycle before re-charging to maximize your Hp 510 laptop battery usage. Because this may be very difficult to manage, you’ll need to consider the cost-benefit ratio for keeping track of how far discharged the battery is before you charge it again.

4.) Be careful where you store your laptop

This goes back to the heat issue. Don’t leave your Hp 510 battery in the car where it can get very hot.Batteries hate heat and your battery will go on strike permenantly if you expose it to too much heat.Remember that all laptops are not created equal. You may have gotten 4 hours from your last laptop while on laptop battery , but your new laptop might pull more juice to run that gaming quality processor, or the power hogging programs you’re running now. Read your owner’s manual to find out what you should expect from your laptop battery and be sure to compare apples to apples when purchasing a replacement Hp 510 battery. Not all laptop batteries are made to the same specs. We recommend buying a battery that has at least as much capacity as your original battery (that’s the mAh rating), and preferrably the same chemistry as well.If you simply aren’t sure what to get, check with a professional. Our customer service staff are trained to know how to compare Hp 510 laptop batteries and they are happy to help you find the right fit for your laptop.

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The Geek’s Burden


The Geek’s Burden
Laptop Battery

Image by rjnagle
Here’s the equipment I’m bringing with me to the South by Southwest Conference. Hover your mouse over the photo for more. To be fair, I won’t be lugging the battery chargers with me. Ok, having these toys is fun, but it’s maddening remembering whether you’ve packed everything. It also fosters paranoia. Can I trust that man walking towards me?

How a lithium-ion battery works
Laptop Battery

Image by Argonne National Laboratory
This illustration shows the inner workings of a lithium-ion battery. When delivering energy to a device, the lithium ion moves from the anode to the cathode. The ion moves in reverse when recharging. Compared to other rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion batteries can store more energy in smaller, lighter packages. This unsurpassed energy-to-weight ratio make them the battery of choice for consumer electronics like cell phones and laptops, but also a great fit for electrified vehicles.

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Best Buy Canada Blue Label Series Sony Laptop


Best Buy conducted research among consumers to find out the features they most want in their computing experience and approached Sony to create laptops with all these requested features. Exclusive to Best Buy, this laptop features: -less than 1.2 inches thick, – weighs less than 5 pounds – features an exclusive exterior design – comes with a Netgear TV adapter that works with the built-in award-winning Intel® Wireless Display to stream content wirelessly from your computer to your HDTV – includse 2010 Intel® Core™ i5 processor with Turbo Boost Technology – more than 5 hours of battery life on a single charge
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