How to extend laptop battery life?

Since the birth of notebook computer, the argument about  batteries have came along. Since the persistent of using notebook computer is one of the most important technical indicators, and the capacity of the battery is the decisive index to that.Exactly how to use the laptop battery appropriately that maximise the efficacy of battery and extend laptop battery life? Below, I will list some knowledge about battery for you which many people often misunderstand (without special explanation, I am talking about lithium ion battery which is most common used).

First, when using a new laptop battery, the first three time it needs to be charge for 12 hours?
This is totally unnecessary. Because current laptop computers contain perfect power management circuits and charging management systems. When the battery reach saturation point, the control circuit will turn to break status  automatically.So the battery only needs to be fully charged, but does not mean that the longer you charge the longer you can use it.

Second, in order to prevent memory effect, we should run out of the power before recharge the batteries?
It is not necessary to discharge the battery before recharge each time, and it is also harmful. As proved: completely discharge the battery will shorten the battery life meaninglessly, it is recommended that you should recharge the battery when it has been used at about 10% level. Of course, when the battery power are more than 30% it is best not to be charged, because the memory effect does exist.

Third, consider removing the battery from a laptop when running on fixed power,in order to prevent repeatedly charging and discharging.
My advice is: That is definitely not required.Of course, you can take the natural discharge of lithium-ion batteries to refute me, holding the view that if there is fixed power plug in after the natural discharge of the battery, repeated charging and discharging will occur, and this will reduce the battery life. Instead, I give you the “not required” answer for several reasons:
1. Nowadays all notebook computers’ power control circuits are designed to have this feature: The battery will not be charged until at 90% level(such as HP’s most models), or 95%, but to achieve this through natural discharge takes about 2 weeks to a month, when the battery is idle for a month or so it needs to fully charge and discharge to maintain the battery’s capacity, at this time what you should be concerned about is give the battery a little bit of exercise instead of recharging after idle. By doing this will extend your laptop battery life.

2. Even if the battery is “unfortunately” charged again, the capacity loss it cause is not much greater than not use the battery for a long time.

3. Your data sometimes is much more valuable than you battery, even your notebook computer, a sudden power failure not only hurt your notebook, but also hurt your heart for not restoring the data, even harder if the data is very important.

Fourth, does the battery need to be fully charged before long-term storage?

It will be clear after reading the following table: (the percentage stand for  the relative percentage of the saturated state at the time to the initial value)

Storage Temperature | 40% Charging state | 100% charging state

0 degree | 98% (one year later) | 94% (one year later)

25 degree | 96% (one year later) | 80% (one year later)

40 degree | 85% (one year later) | 65% (one year later)

60 degree | 75% (one year later) | 60% (3 months later)

Obviously, if you are to store the battery for a long time, it is better to put it in dry and cold environment and let the battery decharge at 40% level. Of course, it is the best to take the battery out for use every month, it not only can guarantee the good preservation state of  the battery, but also prevent the battery from the damage caused by a completely drain of the power .

Fifth, so how to prolong the utility time of notebook as much as possible when running on battery and extend laptop battery life?

1. Turn down the screen brightness. The LCD is power-hungry, turn down screen brightness can extend the usage time of laptop computer.

2. Open SpeedStep, PowerPlay and other power-saving functions. Now the notebook processors and graphics chips have lower operating frequency and voltage functions to extend the usage time of the laptop, turn on the corresponding options can greatly extend the battery’s utility time.

3. Use the hard disk and CD-ROM reduce-speed software: such as NERO DriveSpeed, PowerBooster and other software can reduce the speed of CD-ROM and hard drive, etc., also can reduce the notebook’s power consumption.

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