How To Buy A Laptop Battery And How To Conserve

I think the most important point is not to idle the laptop battery This laptop battery is a great destruction of lithium laptop battery is difficult to save the electrolyte, and, once laptop battery solidified electrolyte can not be re-activated (regardless of how long charge).
I have to see this on the micro-computer, a table.If you save before we can see that the smaller the charge of electricity, the temperature, the lower-capacity lost more slowly. Therefore, lithium laptop battery should be placed in a cool place to live as far as possible the state will not be too full to save.”And the deep charge-discharge lithium-ion laptop battery can improve the actual capacity? Experts clearly told me that this is meaningless. They even said that the so-called three full charge-discharge prior to use of” activation “in both of them, Dr. knowledge years, could not understand that there is little need. Why do so many people, however, after the deep charge-discharge capacity of laptop battery Information label will occur where a change? will be mentioned later.
Lithium-ion laptop battery are generally with the management of chip and charge control chips. Which management chip in a series of registers, there is capacity, temperature, ID, laptop batteries charge status, discharge frequency values. These values are in use will gradually change. I personally think that the use of instructions in the “Use a month or so should put a full-charge” approach to a major role now is to fix these registers where the wrong values, making the laptop battery charge control and the nominal capacity of the laptop battery match the actual situation.Charge control the main control chip, the laptop battery charging process. Lithium-ion laptop battery charging process is divided into two phases, constant-current fast charge phase (when the laptop battery indicator light yellow) and constant-voltage current decreasing phase (the laptop battery indicator light flashes green. Constant-current fast charge phase, the laptop battery voltage is gradually increased The standard voltage to the laptop battery, and then transferred to constant pressure in the control phase of the next chip, the voltage will not rise in order to ensure that no over-charge, current laptop battery, along with the rising gradually weakened to 0, and the ultimate completion of charging.
Statistics chip power consumption by recording the discharge curve (voltage, current, time) can calculate the sample laptop battery power, this is what we read in the laptop battery Information inside wh. Value. The lithium-ion laptop battery in repeated use, the discharge curve will change, if the chip has not been opportunity notebook battery to once again read out a complete discharge curve, which is calculated out of electricity that is not accurate. So we need to deep charge-discharge to calibrate the laptop battery chips. “This question my heart, my cell phone a new laptop battery has been useless had been placed for six months, there is no charge, placed inside a desk, but a chance to use even half of the electricity did not reach.

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