Follow me on twitter My review of the HP Touchsmart TX2-1270, not 1070. Sry for any confusion, it’s just different model numbers, not a big deal. People complain about the heat and noise. The newer model has far less heat and noise even with high power. I can put in on my lap. Unfortunately, I had to trade it my old one (wireless broke). The new one is faster, much cooler (less heat) and it doesn’t sound like a blow dryer. I’m glad my wireless card broke and I got a new one. Bad thing about the new version. It’s more cheaply made. They made the finger print reader smaller and the batterpack doesn’t fit as well and wiggles slightly. But then again, it might be the battery that is cheaply made. But if you put a cushion in between, that should help. Other than that, the new one is better. I can finally put it on my lap without getting burned! Click to watch Touchpack demo

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