Macintosh Laptop: Apple MacBook Pro – Core 2 Duo 3.06 GHz (17-inch)
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For the latest Macintosh support visit Mac Users Guide’s Help Desk. Carved from a single block of aluminum the MacBook Pro is slim, light, and durable enough to take anywhere. Introduced in late 2008 the new aluminum uni-body a new long lasting battery, High-performance NVIDIA LED display, 8 GB of RAM and a 500 GB hard dirve.

(the apparently upgraded) Wind U100
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**Updated impressions, six months later:
i still love my wind. i love, love, love it. it is my primary computer, and it is my FAVOURITE COMPUTER. i don’t find it to be under-powered (but i also ponied up for an extra GB of RAM), and the only issue i’ve had has been that the little symbols down by the light indicators have worn off. which isn’t really a big deal, since i know what they’re all for. final verdict: best tech purchase ever.

*Note: I had no idea that this was the "upgraded version". engadget tells me it is. Information you might be dying to know!:
What is its processor speed?
How much RAM does it have? 2GB
Isn’t that too much? No. No, it’s not. it’s wonderful. I can run a ton of programs at once and nothing crashes. the PC i have yet to finish has 4GB.
Which OS are you running? Windows XP, duh. look at it. I’ll probably add Ubuntu when i’m good and ready, but not right now.
How much does it weigh? Not a lot. 2lbs?
How big is that screen? 10". the only, and i mean ONLY change i’ve made is switching to Chrome, because it affords more screen real estate than firefox (which i still use on occasion. i need to stumble sometimes.) the small screen doesn’t bother me one bit.
Is it hard to type on?! No. not at all. the keyboard is only a tiny bit smaller than a standard laptop keyboard. i went from using matt’s old powerbook to this, and didn’t notice any difference in typing comfort or speed.
But how small are your hands? Small. i won’t lie. they’re small. there’s another pic in a bit of that, though.
Why pink? Why not? i like pink. it was also the only one in stock at the time, i’m told.
HDD or SSD? HDD. SSD cost more. but i’ve been good, i haven’t dropped it once. 160GB. wooo.
How long does the battery last? 4 1/2 hours. i’ve tested it. isn’t that awesome? it can go up to 6 hours if i set the brightness down, but i won’t. it’s the apparently newer 6-cell battery. it sticks out a bit, so the bottom isn’t flat, but i actually prefer this, because i like a sloping keyboard.
Is that a webcam? Why yes it is, thanks for noticing. it works well. or, as well as the logitech notebook-something-or-other-model of webcam i had a couple of years ago.
What about the speakers? How bad are they? Oh, pretty bad. but aren’t all notebook speakers tinny? i wear headphones when i want to listen to music, but for youtube videos, the speakers work just fine. the sound is clear, anyway.
What about the tiny trackpad? Or the one button? Yes, the trackpad is also small, but again, it doesn’t bother me. what DID initially bother me was how sensitive the trackpad is, and i can’t seem to find a way to set the sensitivity down. i’ve gotten used to it, though. The one button doesn’t bother me, either. the left side works like a left button. the right side, like a right button. you really don’t even notice, since you’re used to clicking to the right or left in the first place. unless you previously used a mac. then you might screw up and get frustrated, because you’ll always try to click in the middle, which does nothing. the button won’t even click.
How about the bluetooth/wireless? It’s fast. its range is good. i can sit my phone a few feet away and quickly beam over goofy photos.
How about startup/wake up speed? Ask youtube. it’s fast, though. way faster than most other windows xp notebooks i’m used to using.
Why a Wind? Why not an eee pc? The keyboard. really. otherwise the specs seem to break down exactly the same. the wind, however, has a more traditional keyboard layout, whereas the eee pc has some odd placement/sizing choices. Also, the eee pc doesn’t offer a 10" model in pink.

Back Guts
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Image by mastermaq
Here’s a shot of the back where you can see the battery, laptop power adapter, and part of the motors and serial connector for the electronics.

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