Laptop Battery

Image by sparky_vision
The contents of the backpack, minus the magic box that allows me to pull anything I need for any given situation out of thin air.

From (roughly) top to bottom, left to right.

1. Wegner Gear backpack. The heart and soul of the whole operation.
2) Various pens.
3) Various Sharpies. The little ones I got myself, the big ones were a gift from momĀ² and my little sister Eva.
4) Lighting folder which contains a set of French curves, lighting tech sheets, set lists, and patch sheets.
5) Current Rose Brand and Dazian Fabrics catalogs.
6) Sewing kit.
7) Gel swatchbooks, Apollo and Rosco.
8) Laptop / iPod power.
9) The Pocket Ref. Everything you need to know in life, and then some.
10) Moleskine notebook for set / lighting design ideas.
11) Bag for misc cables / adapters.
12) Bag for DMX / audio adapters.
13) Sekonic L-558 Cine light meter.
14) Various notebooks for audio, lighting, general, and sketching.
15) Artwork box with markers, Liquid Paper, pencil sharpener, sketching pencils, and kneaded erasers.
16) USB floppy disk drive.
17) Calculator.
18) Basic first aid kit.
19) Surefire G2 flashlight.
20) Bandit Technical Reference Disk.
21) China marker.
22) Replacement Surefire lamp.
23) Laptop screen cloth.
24) Small Fuji camera.
25) iPod
26) Mechanic’s gloves. (My SetWears are in another bag.)
27) Box of Lithium 123 batteries for flashlights.
28) Tube of Superglue.
29) Passport.
30) Crappy ear buds.
31) Various USB thumbdrives, WYSIWYG dongle, and Calibug.
32) Sunscreen.
33) Tin of mints.
34) Fluke distance meter / laser rangefinder.
35) iPhone 3GS.
36) Surefire E2L LED flashlight. (worn on left hip.)
37) Gerber knife.
38) Leatherman Wave (worn on left hip.)
39) Set of earplugs.
40) Logitech travel USB mouse.
41) 15-inch MacBook Pro.

Join the Impact: Jacksonville, FL
Laptop Battery

Image by Kevin Lawver
We made the two hour drive down from Savannah to march with the folks in Jacksonville. It was a really good crowd, at least 250, and probably well over 300 by the end.

I’m glad Jen found out about the march and that we were able to go. It was time to "come out of the closet" and do more than post to our blog about how much our church’s support for Prop 8 in CA, Prop 2 in FL and the others in Arkansas and Arizona bothers us. It was time to say that we support equal rights for all, that just because two people don’t fit into the Ozzie & Harriet mold doesn’t mean it’s not real, and doesn’t mean the majority should legislate against it.

And this will embarrass her, but I have to tell this story. While everyone was standing in front of city hall, they invited people to speak. Jen got up in front of two hundred strangers holding up our This Mormon Supports Gay Rights poster and told everyone how sorry she was about what our church did and how much she loved them. It was so brave and beautiful, I wish you could have seen it.

Love is worth fighting for – mine, yours, anyone’s.

(i have a bunch of photos to upload, but Jen says she has to review all of them before I upload them and my laptop battery is dying. They’ll probably go up tomorrow some time.)

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