Laptop Battery
by n3rraD

Battery Life Controls Your Laptop Battery

Newhope-United States-Aug-4-2010-The average maximum life of a Laptop Battery is considered to be somewhere about 4 hours. However, this may not hold true for each and every laptop because there are various factors that contribute to the run-life of a laptop battery. Irrespective to your laptop brand, a poor quality battery is sure to kill the productivity of your equipment.

The laptop batteries manufacturers today concentrate extensively on the advantages of using Lithium ion in the making of batteries. The superior quality of lithium ions over nickel based and other lead based batteries makes it a number one choice and their applications in various products are increasing by leaps and bounds. Lithium-ion based batteries generally provide about 300-500 discharge/ charge cycles and these batteries are recommended to be partially discharge rather than fully. Therefore, avoid frequent full discharges instead follow a regime of charging at regular time frame.

Dell laptop battery manufacturers advices their customers to refrain from the myth that frequent discharging and charging increases the life of a Lithium ion technology battery. Another most widely asked questions by laptop users are over the life of the battery if it is left overcharged. According to Dell laptop battery manufacturers, the life of a laptop battery is unaffected by charge and discharge, they are designed in such a way that the battery automatically shut its charger use once it is fully charged.

Moving on further, the most important ‘must-knows’ behind every battery-supported equipment is that if you are not going to use the product for a long time then the battery should be removed from it. Storage can make a lot of difference to the run-life of the battery, so the best method is to store it in shady place away from the direct exposure of sunlight, cool and dry place, metal objects and heat.

If you are looking to obtain discount laptop battery, make sure you complete your ground checks on all aspects of the replacement battery maker and product features, compatibility with your laptop, components of the battery, quality certification and the warranty period. Electronics based equipments are generally prone to ‘wear and tear’ therefore frequent change and repair can leave a hole in your pocket. Brand name like Dell offer their laptop battery with a one year warranty during which Dell technical support ensure the optimum safety and performance of the product. Laptop Battery One is a leading provider of high quality and capacity laptop battery at affordable costs. The webstore caters to all your laptop battery replacement needs and it has amazing offer on branded, non branded batteries of high capacity, it offer customer satisfaction scheme like the 60 Day Money Guarantee. Like Dell laptop battery, the company also offers a one year warranty on all its laptop batteries.

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