Battery – 76% of original charge (good condition!)
Laptop Battery

Image by lloydi
iBook – 14" G4 for sale, in *excellent condition*. Good battery, all full working order, fresh install of Tiger. Check the photos in this set for more info; drop me a line if you want any more info

Editing my blog
Laptop Battery

Image by Mic to Mic

Saint Chappelle
Laptop Battery

Image by thorinside
There’s absolutely no way to do this justice without a tripod. This is a hand-held HDR using 5 images, 0.7EV apart from each other. So the colours are a bit smeared due to my slight hand motions. This church is the most breathtaking place I have ever seen.

If you’re wondering where I am… I’m back home, but my laptop with all of my photos from France has malfunctioned. The power adaptor will not power the laptop up anymore, and the batteries have run dry. So until I get a replacement, I will be posting nothing.

See you when I get the laptop back from the shop.

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