Important Downloads Rapidshare: Snow Leopard Install Files: Extensions/Kexts: Mediafire: Snow Leopard Install Files: Extensions/Kexts: Need to know: Extensions.mkext is not is /System/Library/Extensions.mkext, but in /System/Library/Cashes/ shes/Startup/Extensions.mkext And I used build 10a432 Retail if AppleSetup crashes (1st boot) boot with -s and use /var/db/.AppleSetupDon ————————— My config: Compaq Presario SR5410F ….. 500 GB Maxtor HDD 2.5 GIG ram 1.8 Core 2 Dual 17.0″ Samsung Syncmaster LCD Monitor All works except Wifi :( Snow Leopard 10a432 Chameleon 1 Works with dual boot Leopard 10.5 Short Steps: Erase a Partition/Hard Drive in GUID Partition Table Mount The Snow Leopard DVD Mount the Snow Leopard DMG File, an installer window will appear here click on the free space anywhere in windows then press CMD + Shift + G . A little window will appear in the top of existing window in this little window type Mac OS X Install DVD/System/Installation/Packages/ without quotes as given in image below and press Go. Then click on OSinstall.mpkg Install the OS After its done run chameleon on Snow Leopard Open hide show Copy boot and paste it in snow leopard dont forget to delete the old one. You will not be able to see boot if you dont open Hide Show Install battery.pkg Install Betadecrypter Install PS2 Run OS86X Tools and install disabler.kext in snow
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