Things You May Not Know About Laptop Battery

As usual, most manufacturers will tell you that a laptop battery can run up to 2 hours, but actually not. After a certain time, the laptop battery will be running shorter and shorter so that we need more often to charge it. Laptop battery degradation will happen overtime. However, we can try to minimize the degradation by knowing some laptop battery information.

We all know that any new laptop battery usually comes empty with the laptop. Thus, it is suggested that you charge the battery at least 4 hours non-stop on the first charging. This can help to prolong the laptop battery’s lifespan. Also, it is not suggested that you use the laptop battery at all during the first charging.

Due to that laptop battery types are different, it is important to know how you should charge the battery. Nickel Cadmium laptop battery is an older type. For this kind of battery, it’s suggested that you use it until empty, and then charge it to full. Lithium based battery is another type of battery. For this kind of battery, it’s suggested that you use the battery until 10%-20% before you charge it to full.

After you have got to know how to charge the laptop battery, it is time to know about effective usage of laptop battery. On Windows base, it’s suggested that you use the Power Schemes for Laptop to control how the laptop behaves after a period of inactivity. This can greatly reduce the drainage on the laptop battery. Also lowering the brightness of laptop LCD monitor is a good way to reduce the laptop battery usage.

After knowing these laptop battery information, you should be able to know how to prolong the laptop battery lifespan and also maximize your runtime when running on battery.

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