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Image by Tim Musson
My cousin Ken’s computer is a second hand HP/Compaq nx9040. The screen’s fluorescent back-light died, and getting it fixed was going to cost more than the computer was worth – over NZD0, according to one quote! (The back-light is what lights up the display. Without that, the laptop is pretty much useless.)

So I decided to try fixing it myself, with a NZD lamp ordered from I was also helped by HP’s service manual for the nx9040, which shows which screws and clips let you open the case and get at various innards.

I took photos to help me put the thing back together again if I got lost.

Of course, I removed the computer’s battery pack before starting. I also removed the hard drive (taking care not to touch any electronic components) in case of accidental bumps and knocks.

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Laptop Battery

Image by bcostin
I’ve been playing with this old PowerBook 150 laptop. Equipped with a 33MHz 68030 processor, 120MB HD, passive-matrix 4-bit grayscale screen, and 4MB of memory. It’s running System 7.5. Not bad for 1994. It’s in nice condition aside from a broken hinge on the right side of the lid. Unfortunately the 14 year old battery seems to have given up the ghost, so I have to run it on AC power.

Laptop Battery

Image by Les_Stockton
Paul drove all the way from northeast Missouri. He brought a cool setup where he had a 5 watt solar panel, hooked up with this little portable battery unit from WalMart; and he powered his Ham radio system, as well as a laptop computer.

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