New opinion on Laptop battery Maintenance

What are the laptop battery maintenance mode? What is the use of laptop battery maintenance of the taboo? Notebook battery maintenance of books in the end should be pulled out, pulled out if the power of how to do? Notebook battery maintenance of good access to the longest time? See below, it will know.

Notebook battery life is longer, often dissatisfied with sufficient, or even show damage, if the laptop battery maintenance of peace have not done enough good, then more accelerated the aging batteries! It is necessary to observe in the use of some maintenance tips. Whether you are using a notebook lithium battery Acer aspire 3680 battery or nickel-metal hydride batteries.

As far as possible to the battery charge after the exhaustion of the basic (power less than 5%), which is to avoid the battery the best way memory effect. In fact, the lithium-ion battery has some memory effect, Ni-MH battery is more than just much smaller. However important to note that charge when the time is too long to avoid the general control within 12 hours. Notebook battery as Acer aspire 3680 battery maintenance free with the use with the filling!

Notebook battery life is not determined by the length of time, but by the number of charge and discharge decisions. This is the importance of maintenance of notebook battery – Li-ion notebook battery (Dell latitude d600 battery) life by the number of charge-discharge decision! If you are using a laptop when the battery has been installed on the notebook instead of taking down, even if the machine shut down and removed AC power, the battery would not like to imagine that as you have maintained a state of full power.

Used because the notebook battery is a Into a control circuit, even when the computer is shut down power consumption. After I connected to AC power, when battery power is not full, so it will start charging. In this way, when the power turned on or off, your laptop battery will repeatedly charge and discharge and shorten Dell d620 battery life, this is the laptop battery maintenance bogey.

To this end, in the use of external AC power supply when the battery pulled out the best. Moreover, the laptop battery if exposed to heat their state will have an impact on life expectancy. Laptop battery for long-term maintenance of non-use, please red discharge at least a month to ensure that the activity of the battery. At the same time, when the battery in the custody of a problem we must pay attention to Dell inspiron 1300 battery .

That is, the vast majority of Laptop battery currently used in lithium-ion batteries do not use if the long period of time, then, often prone to the phenomenon of excessive discharge, may no longer be able to charge a notebook battery. This is the laptop battery maintenance of a free! In order to prevent excessive battery discharge, in a state of semi-rechargeable battery stored in a cool place, and then once every six months, and then half of its electricity to the state of charge. Notebook battery maintenance free Dell Latitude D630 Battery storage for too long, as well as the battery over-discharge damage to the battery!

In addition, the impact of notebook battery life of factors including the use of the environment temperature (30 suggested that the use of the following), storage Dell latitude d520 battery and battery temperature suffered shock size. In the use of laptop batteries after a certain period of time will be aging (no matter how maintenance can not be avoided!), As demonstrated by the internal resistance become larger, in charge when the voltage rise faster, so it is easy to charge control circuit has been found to have full capacity is of course also declined.

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