This is my unboxing of my new HP DV7-2185DX! I got it as an exchange for a returned DV7-1285DX, which I got as an exchange from Best Buy because of my accidental damage plan from a DV7-1025nr, which I also got as an exchange from my accidental damage plan from Best Buy from a DV-9260NR. The first HP I got in 2007, and it fell down the stairs because I was using it on my lap, and my brother scared the crap out of me, making me jump up, dropping the laptop down a whole flight of stairs. The second laptop, which I really liked a lot, got ran over by my mom because I left it on the ground when I was looking up instructions on how to install a gyro system on my bike. Then the 3rd laptop had battery problems and a bad resolution, so I returned it to get this. I did make an unboxing for the 3rd laptop, but since I only owned it for 2 weeks, I decided not to put it up. Also, this video is a month old, because I didn’t get around to editing it
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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