How to Extend Your Laptop Battery Power Life

Laptops are everywhere in the market today.

In offices
In homes
I even carry my laptop in my car

And I’m typing on a laptop right this very minute. A battery is a common accessory of a laptop and as such people want to know ways of extending their laptop battery power. Here are some ideas for extending battery life for your laptop notebook.

*** Use It Up ***

Wait, I thought this article was about extending the laptop battery life not using it up?

It is.

There is some debate about how this works with modern batteries, but the jest is when you use your battery power use it all before plugging in for a recharge. When recharging, make it a complete recharge for optimum results with your laptop battery.

It may sound strange, but laptop batteries have memories. If they are taught to only charge to a certain level then they don’t end up providing full charges when they are called for.

*** Hot Tip ***

To help your laptop better remember whose boss and provide you with full charge cycles here is something you can try. First, give your battery a full charge then let the juice run completely out. If you do this a series of time (recommended 3) you provide your battery with the best chance of acting like new. No guarantees here, just an idea to try for extending your laptop battery life.

*** Plug It In ***

You’ve heard the phrase, use it or lose it?

It doesn’t apply here.

Instead, for best performance from your laptop notebook batteries do not use it unless you need it. That way it will be available for you when you need it. Also, when on battery power lower the screen brightness to increase the amount of performance you receive from your laptop battery. Another recommendation is to set your computer to automatically sleep or hibernate when not in use for 5 or 10 minutes.

*** Cool It ***

Laptops can run very hot sometimes. Putting a hot laptop in a hot environment doesn’t do anything for the longevity of the device involved. However, environmental conditions are not always controllable, especially on hot summer days. Therefore, buy a fan tray for your computer to rest on instead of forcing it to perform beyond its capabilities.

You’ll be glad you did.

Your laptop battery will thank you.
Your laptop itself will thank you.
And your legs will thank you for not putting that hot puppy on them for cooling.

*** Concluding Thoughts ***

I do believe that laptops are here to stay for quite some time. Fact is, I really can’t imagine life without a laptop being available. As such there are key things you can do for the best financial success with your laptop device.

Use your laptop battery fully
Use your laptop battery only when necessary
Keep your laptop away from hot environments

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