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In the end who detonated the laptop batteries

Dell notebook as a petrol bomb explosion and quickly lit the entire notebook industry, a time, the major notebook manufacturers like infected with plague, there are potential safety problems have the recall of laptop batteries. Originally gave rise to a convenient laptop, why the bomb has become a mobile?
Recently, notebook batteries overheating due to laptop battery repeated explosions triggered, enabling IT industry as if hit by a terrorist attack. The origins uniwill 258 4s4400 s1p1 battery of the first detonation of a bomb in June this year, Dell laptop explosion: a Dell laptop Jierhemu consumers to attend a conference in Japan, his Dell laptop suddenly explode into flames. Subsequently, a Yahoo employee in the office also suffered a similar “fire.” Fear and trepidation on the efforts of various companies draw the line on the issue of battery at the same time, in September it was rumored Lenovo Tinkpad T43 caught fire at the airport information. So far, notebook bombings rose to the level of white-hot, causing the world’s attention.
What are the reasons for this small piece of the battery becomes inflammable and explosive dangerous goods out?
To reduce costs to bring down the quality of
Blast cells as a “culprit” – Sony laptop batteries manufacturer explained in a statement: “In extremely rare cases, the associated battery cell has tiny metal particles come into contact with other parts of the battery cell, thereby creating short-circuit. Under normal circumstances, in this case occurs, the battery pack will power off. However, in some very rare conditions, such internal short circuit may lead to cell overheating and potentially flames. the likelihood of such a situation would be because different computer manufacturers to use different computer system configurations differ. “
While the industry believes that this is only vendors in order to reduce the negative impact of the event will be a real understatement of complicated reasons. Fought in the battery industry for several years, general manager of Suzhou Fuyuan Technology Miss Li Yunjie that the cause of the fire there are several: batteries, quality, design, craft, each link may lead to battery overheating problem caused by the fire. She told reporters: There is almost Toshiba pa3395u-1brs Laptop battery laptop power supplies in the storage batteries are for lithium batteries, because the active nature of lithium itself, when the ambient temperature exceeds 80 ?, easily lead to burn or an explosion, the lithium battery manufacturers to improve the battery ignition, in lithium battery materials will be added to other elements of the ignition battery to 150 ?, normal circumstances, the battery must have the security system in the temperature reaches 139 ? will automatically power off when the machines have broken down or there will not be spontaneous, as long as lithium batteries manufacturers to meet the standards for the production of both standard requirements.
“However, due to rapidly expanding laptop battery market demand, and forced by cost pressures, and some battery OEM manufacturer for the pursuit of profit to the neglect of quality control, resulting in a flow of potential safety problems of lithium battery market is the cause of the explosion that caused the battery.” Yunjie told reporters.
It is understood that many manufacturers dell inspiron mini 9 battery because of cost reasons, discarded some of the security features, such as over charging circuit to be used for at least two ladder-style security protection and use of smart charging, but apart many branded mobile power supply system, but simply charging circuit and a protection circuit, reason, are attributable to costs and market competition. This is the place many times since 2005 mobile power supply laptop batteries system one of the main combustion of the accident.
Brand of services of a computer engineer that a third-party manufacturer of the OEM battery system is also a hotbed of the battery in question occurs: It is now used in almost all notebook batteries are from Japan, Taiwan, the third-party battery manufacturers to provide this on behalf of the industrial system has enabled the brand manufacturer of battery there are loopholes in quality control, resulting in the quality of both good and bad battery.
“laptop market Dell TD175 battery competition, many manufacturers use third-party battery is an important way to reduce costs, but these third-party provider of skill levels of laptop battery can easily lead to instability in battery quality, and even the emergence of lot-sizing problem batteries.” Lenovo Greater China manager, notebook product marketing planning XIE Hao said that from the perspective of the customer is responsible for laptop makers in the initial selection, testing on a qualified OEM battery responsibility.

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