Hp Laptop Battery Life Problems

Laptops are meant to operate on battery power most of the time, allowing for greater mobility and portability of technology needed for business or personal use. Understanding the different factors that can lead to battery life problems can save time, money and frustration.

Certain software configurations on laptops can come at the cost of battery life. Be aware of programs that run in the background even when unused. Even when the laptop is not connected to a wireless network, the Wi-Fi is constantly searching for a connection. Instant Messaging software, time-tracking programs and other software that run constantly even when not in use should be turned off unless absolutely necessary.

The hardware configuration of a laptop can have a significant effect on hp laptop battery life. Large processors are good for computing power but require more power to operate, which reduces the battery life of a laptop. Having devices plugged into USB or other auxiliary ports can draw additional power from a laptop battery. Use any additional USB devices sparingly to save power and be sure to use the built-in power management programs to turn off unused hardware components.

Extreme Conditions
In his article for the Microsoft Small Business Center, Christopher Elliott suggests avoiding extreme weather conditions. Extreme heat or cold can interfere with a laptop battery and quickly drain the laptop’s power. Laptop batteries should always be used at room temperature if possible to avoid problems.

In some cases, laptop batteries are the subject of factory recalls for a variety of reasons. In the past, laptop batteries have been recalled for overheating, poor lifespans or other defects. If you experience persistent problems with a laptop battery, check with the laptop manufacturer to ensure your battery model is not the subject of a recall. It is never safe to use a recalled battery. Have it replaced to correct any problems.

Many laptop battery problems arise after a laptop has been stored for a prolonged period. In order to lengthen a laptop battery’s life, the battery must be fully charged and discharged at least once per month. If a longer period of storage is necessary, BatteryUniversity.com suggests storing the laptop battery at room temperature with a 40 percent charge. Following a proper storage method can prolong a laptop battery’s life.

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