www.userbytes.com http www.gettingpumped.com http – This is the Insignia Pilot that I bought from Best Buy and at the time I didnt see a video on You Tube that shows off its ability to play videos so I thought I would do that. Its a great little media player. Here is what some others say about it… — From D-BASS – This player isn’t astectically the the most beautiful thing out there but for 0 it beats everything out there in its price range, plus, its in my pocket half the time so who cares.The Archsoft software it comes with easily converts DVD .vob files to .wmv so you can watch your DVDs in about 20 mins on your Pilot! One feature they failed to mention is that this this does full motion TV out!(YES,watch video/photos on your full size tv) Blutooth works nice and conected headphones sound beautiful.I fail to see the point of the propriatary star rating switch on the top, but i guess it was to transfer usage ratings to the Rhapsody serviced offered with the player, i just wish it could be used for volume control of something else usefull. —- From 3DFreek – in response to does this thing have a replaceable battery? Yes it also has a replaceable battery. I use mine all day with bluetooth on a charge. It records radio and the radio is the best reciever I’ve had… better than the crippled (my opinion of the on I had) New Zen. I love being able to record comedy in the morning and listen to it or share it with others later. — From Paulm – in response to how does it

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