Laptop Battery Not Charging Problem

Nowadays, laptops of different brands have been widely used among people, but few of them know how to fix the problem if the battery can not charge. There are several factors that may lead to battery not charging. Let’s take the dell inspiron 6400 battery for example and check those problems one by one.

 The battery stops charging once you slightly move it. Sometimes the problem may come from the adapter, especially the power tip of the adapter is a little loose and can not fit the laptop tightly. If this happens, you may simply contact your laptop manufacturer for a proper adapter. When you use the adapter, make sure it is properly connected and the power tip fits properly.

 The inspiron 6400 battery discharges very quickly. Sometimes, new batteries may behave erratically until they have been charged or discharged after several circles. If it is a new battery, you may try to charge and discharge the battery for a few more times. Usually the life span for a laptop battery is between 2 to 3 years. If your battery has already been used for about 2 to 3 years, maybe it’s the time to buy a new replacement battery.

 The dell 6400 battery can not be detected by laptop. If the laptop battery is properly installed and positioned, but still can not be detected when you log in to Windows, there are two factors that may lead to the problem: either the motherboard of the laptop or the battery is defective. To troubleshoot the problem, you may first replace the battery with a working one. If the problem exists after you replace the old battery, the problem may result from the motherboard. It is recommended to bring the laptop to a repair shop and replace the motherboard.

 The dell laptop battery can be detected, but the laptop immediately turns off if the AC adapter is unplugged. If this happens, maybe the battery is not seated properly or the battery contacts got dirty. You may try to remove and reinsert the battery for a few more times to see if it can solve the problem. Meanwhile, you may also use a brush or eraser to clean the battery contacts that connect the battery to the motherboard of the laptop. If it still does not help, you may try to replace the battery with a new one. However, even if replacing battery can not solve the problem, maybe you may check if the problem is coming from the motherboard itself.


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