Dell Inspiron 1520 Laptop Battery Does Not Charge

The most outstanding characteristic of laptop is its portability and ease of use, compared to desktop computers. However, the laptop is no longer portable if the battery could not work properly. It may function like a tethered desktop computer if the battery doesn’t get charged properly. Most of the major laptop computer problems are battery related and they need to be solved immediately. Sometimes the battery was plugged in but did not charge.

Actually, most of today’s laptop computers are loaded with a lithium ion battery of several hours. Of course, how long the battery will last is entirely determined by how you use it. To charge the dell laptop battery, an AC adapter with specific voltage settings is required, which is normally supplied with the laptop.

If your dell inspiron 1520 laptop battery is plugged but not charge, you may just check the following factors.

Defective AC Adapter

If the AC adapter is not working properly, then the charging won’t occur at all. An laptop AC adapter, with lower than required voltage settings, will not be able to charge the battery. See to it that the AC adapter matches the laptop battery’s requisite settings. A loose wire or internal breakdown, may render an AC adapter useless. Changing the adapter all together might solve your problem.

Power Management Software Problem

Sometimes, the problem is merely with the power management software. This is the classic case, when the laptop charges when switched off, but doesn’t when the computer has booted. The software may have gotten corrupted which must be causing the problem. In such a case, go to the device manager section and uninstall the power management software. In case of Windows XP, uninstall ‘Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery listing’ from the device manger section. Take care that you do not install any other AC adapter driver software. Then go for a ‘hardware scan’, which will automatically identify the Dell GK479 battery and reinstall the latest version of the drivers again. That will restore the charging facility of your laptop.

Internal Charging Circuitry Problem

If neither the AC adapter, nor the power management software has a problem, then problem can be with the internal charging circuitry of the laptop. In this case, there is little you can do other than sending the laptop to the manufacturer’s service center.

Defective Battery

Another reason that could lead to the charging problem may result from a defective battery. Run the dell inspiron 1520 battery test. If your laptop is quite old, this could be one of the most likely reasons. Get the battery checked from the manufacturer and check if it has exceeded its predicted recharge cycle limit.

:For special interested: I had this laptop for a long time, and decided to make another “silent review”. Here are most of the specs; Compaq LTE/286, 12 MHz Intel 80C286, 640Kb ram, CGA Display adapter and 4bit grayscale wide flat display, DOS 6.22 (3.3 or 3.31 orginal), 21Mb 3,5inch harddrive, 1.2Meg floppy drive -it reads 1.44mb disks, but cannot write, but it prefer 720k disks and has about 5hrs of battery time (!). I have lost the power-supply (or, actually the previous owner did) so while I used a temporary one, the backlight of the display got busted. Probably bacause of to high voltage (7Volts, it should actually only have 6Volt power supply or so, 4.8 – 5.5 on battery, and here i put 7?… damn) There is nothing else wrong with it, no bad sectors on harddrive, a Connor model 4021, who have a reputation to fail. Just recently I have replaced the CMOS battery. Good thing I found a copy of the diagnostics disk (bios)… Since it need special software to change\flash CMOS\Bios settings. There is not much more it can be used for, I usually write something in WordPerfect 5.1 every now and then, sometimes several years between, just because… well, its fun to read something I wrote several years ago.
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