How Reliable Are Dell Laptop Batteries?

When purchasing a Dell laptop, consumers need to consider the laptop’s individual features, as well as it’s power and reliability. When a laptop is not plugged into it’s power cord, the battery becomes it’s sole source of power. Therefore, the battery must be reliable or a user will be somewhat restricted as to where they can use their laptop.

Fortunately, Dell batteries are known for their consistency and reliability. This is fortunate, as these products can be decently expensive, sometimes costing more than other off-name batteries. Because of their price, many Dell users consider using other compatible, less expensive options that are offered by other companies. However, there are a few possible problems with using non-Dell products in Dell laptops.

The first problem is that Dell also does not guarantee that using other batteries in one of their laptops will not damage the product. If a laptop suffers damages due to a non-Dell brand product, this damage will not necessarily be covered by a warranty that a customer may have. Therefore, choosing a Dell product to power a Dell laptop, is the safest and most reliable option.

The next problem is that Dell does not offer a warranty or guarantee that other batteries will work in their laptops. When purchasing a Dell laptop batteries, consumers are given a one-year warranty. If the product were to stop working during this year, Dell would supply the customer with a new one. This protects customers from wasting money on lower quality products that will quickly lose their strength and become useless.

Factors that Affect the Reliability of Dell Batteries:

Dell has stated that their batteries should work optimally for around 18 to 24 months. After this time period, it may begin to lose some of it’s power and require more frequent charging. While this may be inconvenient, this is a characteristic off all batteries, not just those manufactured by Dell. The life of Dell batteries is actually better than those produced by many other manufactures.

Dell batteries have a consistent reputation for being both reliable and durable. Their long usage life allows users to use their laptops while on the go, either for work or entertainment. This, along with the quality of their laptops, is what makes Dell such a popular and successful laptop provider.

However, while all Dell batteries are reliable, some are stronger and will remain powered for longer. The life of a Dell laptop battery usually ranges from three to seven hours when fully charged. This largely depends on it’s strength, which is measured by it’s Watt hours, or Whr. The more Watt hours a battery has, the longer it will hold a charge. Therefore, an 85 Whr product, will run approximately 34% longer than a 56 Whr product. Customers may choose a product according to their budget and the battery life that will best fit their needs.

The strength of a Dell battery also depends on what the laptop is used for. If a laptop is primarily used to browse the internet, check e-mail, and finish school or business projects, it will stay powered longer than one that is used to watch movies or play interactive games. A laptop’s life can also be affected by a it’s settings. Laptop users are able to choose settings that either allow for optimal performance or longer life, depending on their needs.


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