This review is about the general user experience after owning the laptop for a couple months. There a lot of ups and a few down to this laptop and I hope this video can make your decision to buy one easier. Here’s a the lowdown: Check out their website for more info and ordering information: Good: -Gaming is Great -Battery is good (4-5 w/ no dedicated gpu; 2-2.5 with gpu) -Finish feels great -Looks awesome -Comes with nice sleeve -Backlit keys -Powershare USB (see video for what it’s all about) -Integrated gpu is powerful enough for hd videos and light gaming -Hinge is solid -Power cord is long -Cooling is better than expected -Overclocking options are great -Optimus (I’m sure you already know what this is) Meh: -Power adapter is weird (see video) -Microfiber cloth fixes all fingerprints -Spots on lid (see video) -Not light, but not super heavy -Price is on the high side, but the laptop is worth every penny (make sure you get as many discounts as you can, I ended up getting about 0 off with student discounts and dell codes (eg 0 off 9 or more)) Bad: -You have to jump through hoops for the latest optimus drivers. -Glare can be very heavy at times.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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