How to Make a Laptop Battery From AA Batteries

Making a laptop battery from AA batteries is not the most cost-effective way of powering your laptop as regular AA batteries are not rechargeable. Additionally, you need a lot of batteries, wired in a series, to produce the required input voltage of your laptop. However, making an external laptop battery to use in case your internal laptop battery dies is a sensible idea. You can keep it nearby and you’re ready with your backup battery pack if you need it.

Please following the instructions:

1st Check the base of your laptop to determine the input voltage. Laptops usually operate on 15 volts and some require 19 volts. Each AA battery has an output of 1.5 volts, so if your laptop needs 15-volts, you need 10 AA batteries, wired in a series. Wiring in a series combines the output voltage from each AA battery so 10 AA batteries produce 15 volts.

2nd Lay your AA batteries on a flat surface and alternate the terminals. For example, if you’re using 10 batteries, you need five positive and five negative terminals one and the same the other. Label each battery numerically so that with 10 batteries you number them 1 through 10. Wrap electrical insulating tape around the batteries to form a neat and tight battery pack.


3rd Cut strips of AWG 16 wire using a knife. Two strips need to be long enough to reach from your AA battery pack to your laptop. The other strips can be very short as they only need to attach to the battery terminals. The number of short strips you need depends on the number of batteries you are using. The simple rule when wiring in a series is one less strip of wire than the number of batteries, so if you’re using 10 batteries you need nine strips of wire.

4th Remove 1/4 inch of plastic from the end of each strip of wire using wire strippers or a small knife. This exposes the inner copper wire. Label one long strip of wire “+” and the other “-.” Attach the “+” strip of wire to the positive terminal of the first battery and the “-” labeled strip of wire to the negative terminal of the last numbered battery in your pack. Use a thin strip of electrical insulating tape. These wires connect to your laptop.

5th Attach a short strip of wire to the negative terminal of the first battery and the opposite end to the positive terminal of the second battery . Repeat the process attaching short wires to the negative and then positive terminals of the batteries in numerical sequence until you attach the last short strip of wire to the positive terminal of the last numbered battery.

6th Wrap the whole battery pack in electrical insulating tape, ensuring you cover the terminals completely. Leave the two long labeled wires exposed.

7th Attach a power jack to the two long wires. The power jack must be the same size as the input socket on your laptop. Buy a power jack from any electrical store .Remove the cover and slide it over the two long wires.

8th Attach the positive wire to the positive terminal of the power jack and the negative wire to the negative terminal of the power jack. Use a soldering iron and electrical solder to do this. Touch the soldering iron, wire and solder on the terminal. Let the solder melt, then remove the soldering iron and solder and allow the connection to cool completely so the solder fuses the wire and terminal together.

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