Use Laptop Battery or Lose It,Ok?

Operating your computer unplugged will help maintain its ability to run that way in the future
Q: I want to use an IBM (IBM ) ThinkPad i1500 as a permanent desktop replacement. It would be connected to the power adapter at all times when in use. Is operating it with just the power adapter and the battery removed OK? (I tried to get an answer via the IBM ThinkPad Web site, but it won’t help because my warranty has expired.) I read somewhere that leaving in the battery subjects it to the 98% charge problem — whatever that is.
A: You definitely can run a laptop without a laptop battery. Manufacturers may hesitate to endorse such use, because they (or their lawyers) worry about liability. With no battery installed, the charging contacts will sit exposed on the bottom of the computer. They are, however, typically deeply recessed and not that easy to get to. But if you are really careless, you could get a low-voltage jolt (16 volts d.c. on a ThinkPad, up to 24 volts on some other laptops).

Leaving a lithium ion battery, the type used on virtually all laptops made in the past several years, connected to an AC power source will indeed diminish the life of the battery. Keeping the battery fully charged at all times leads to gradual deterioration of its ability to charge and discharge fully. The latest ThinkPads include software that can help maintain a battery for maximum life, but you can also alleviate the problem manually.

LIMITED LIFE.  If you leave a laptop connected to power most of the time, unplug it (while turned on) every couple of weeks to let the battery discharge. Operating on battery power will help ensure that the battery gives maximum performance should you ever really need it.

But all batteries have a limited life span, and their performance declines with use. A heavily used battery will probably need replacing after 18 months or so.
The battery is a principal element of your laptop, it is also one of most expensive and that which tends more to be damaged with time. To maintain your battery in good operating condition is thus crucial.

The batteries Ion lithium (Li-ion) of the current laptops lose their autonomy mainly because of two factors: Firstly the use, secondly the natural aging of the chemical components. Therefore, whatever the precautions which you will take your battery will wear with time. It is considered that on average a battery at one lifespan from 18 to 24 months, last this time its autonomy is likely to strongly drop.

The councils that I give you will only delay the expiry:

The first thing to understand in connection with your laptop battery it is that it loses a little its load permanently it loses a little its load permanently even if you do not use it. More the temperature of the battery is high more quickly it discharges. Thus the first thing to be made is to preserve your battery as fresh as possible. The manufacturers store their cheap laptop batteries around the 15° what they regard as the ideal temperature. On the other hand, to cool too much your battery (such as for example by arranging it in your refrigerator) risk to damage it definitively.

The second thing to know it is that the autonomy of your battery decrease a little with each cycle of charge/discharge. What is not surprising, but when one combines it with the preceding point that can involve astonishing consequences:

When a laptop user leaves his battery in his machine but guard his adapter connected to the sector, the battery of its computer passes constantly by cycles of charge/discharge!

A battery which remains utilized inside a laptop discharges a little more quickly than the normal because of the heat released by operation from the computer. Once that the level of load goes down below a predetermined level (different for each manufacturer), the adapter reloads the battery until the maximum. As the battery ages this cycle is increasingly short what still accelerates the degradation of its autonomy.

Therefore, if you do not use your battery, store it out of your laptop in a fresh and dry place.

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