How to take advantage of your laptop battery?

A majority of laptop users are hardly acquainted with how to protect and take advantage of batteries. Each time they complain about the short life of battery, seldom self-criticizing in light of usage of battery. Though, the quality of battery existing, factitious misunderstanding and misusage rest one of the components.

1.The first time we receive a laptop battery, we are supposed to charge it for 12 hours.

Not necessarily at all. Nowadays laptops are set up with perfect electrics circuit and charging management systems. Once the battery is charged in saturation, the control circuit will automatically shift to turnoff. As a result, no more charging will happen.

To avoid memory effect, should we discharge the battery before charging it?

It is not necessarily to use up the battery before charging, which proves to be deleterious to the battery in that deep discharging will shorten the life of battery. It is suggested that when the resting electricity reaches 10%, the battery should be charged. On the other hand, up to 30% capacity does not require charging in view of memory effect.

When plugging in the alternating current, do we need to take the battery out to prevent repeating charging?

What we suggest you is “No”. You might take the automatic discharging of Li-ion battery for example, that once plugged into the power, repeating charging and discharging will shorten the life of batteries. What I want to emphasize it that:

1.Most electrics recruits are designed in light that only when the battery electricity reaches 90% or even 95%, it will get charged. With the same capacity, it will take two weeks to one month to discharge. As a result, when in store for less than one month, the battery should be fully charged and discharged to maintain the capacity. What you are concerned should be the exercising rather than the recharging of the battery.

2. Even the battery is unfortunately charged, the loss it brings will not exceed that after long-term storage.

3. You data is much more important than you battery even your laptop, so think about the impact of sudden interception of electricity on your laptop and data.


How to prolong the working time of laptop batteries?

Obviously, to keep a battery in long period, you should place it in low and dry environment and set the rest electricity of battery in the condition of 40%. The battery should be taken out for at least two months to ensure the good condition of the battery and prevent the damage on battery from huge loss of electricity.

How to prolong the usage of laptop batteries as long as possible?

1.Dim the laptop screen.  LCD screen consumes electricity a lot. If possible, lightening the screen darkness can prolong the working time of the battery.

2.Turn on Speed Step and Power Play and other functions. Laptop processors and video chip can decrease working frequency and voltage to prolong the working time.

3.Use the hard disk and relevant software to reduce the speed. For example, NERO DriveSpeed , PowerBooster and other software can reduce the speed of CD-ROM and hard disk as well as deplete the consumption of laptops.

4. Take advantage of standby of machines, dormancy and other functions. When you are to leave the laptop for long time or dormant, you can let it standby or go to sleep to save the electricity and prolong the longevity of your laptop.

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