Follow 6 tips To taking care of your Laptop Battery

Laptops are common now, most people have to take the laptop to school or when travel. Some times we may lose the important files or the slide show you have created (but carelessly forgot to save) may disappear if the laptop’s battery does not recharge. So it is necessary to take good care of out laptop battery to avoid it stopped working suddenly.

Follow these simple instructions to get free computer problems.

1. Do not discharge the Dell laptop battery by playing a DVD movie or anything else that need Lot of power. Even your laptop battery has a protection circuit to stop the battery drain to a critical level. Not worry about all this happens in the background. When fully discharged reconnect to the network for a full charge.

2.Never try to charge the Dell vostro 1500 battery while the download is only half this Battery will not charge properly.

3. If the laptop is connected to AC power, the Dell inspiron 1501 battery must be removed from the laptop. This is because heat damage li-ion, if your laptop puts out a lot of heat near the batteries (and smarter designed laptops do not) must remove it when not in use.

4. Never Never use a Dell vostro 1310 battery charger of a different composition of the laptop. different brands and models have the voltage settings and connection ports, so the most likely cause further damage to the battery. If the value your laptop / notebook only use the factory supplied charger.

5. If your laptop comes with software provided to monitor your battery consumer, make sure you are familiar with it, and you can save a lot of recharge cycles the Dell inspiron 6400 battery if it is configured correctly.

6. Always try to keep your laptop on a flat surface, if you have the laptop on her lap most of the Dell vostro 1510 battery time without realizing it can stop the flow of air through the computer, which can raise the temperature of the battery and damage it.

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