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Lenovo Thinkpad T400 Review Jul 15 2009


Thinkpad T400 – 0 (with discounts, if you buy through Med Business, you can get discounts) 2.24 Ghz 3mb L2 cache Core 2 Duo processor 2.0 Ghz DDR3 Ram 160 GB 5400 rpm HDD CD-RW/DVD 14.1″ LED Display 1280 x 800 (aka 720p HD, can’t go up to 1080p) Intel 4500mhd video card (mediocre, can’t be used for gaming) 9 Cell battery (max brightness + Word + Firefox on youtube and hulu = 8:30 hours at 100%) For those who use the Windows Experience as a measure My scores are as follows Processor (5.2) Memory (5.9) Graphics (4.2) Gaming graphics (3.8) Primary Hard Disk (5.3) Windows Base Score (3.8, derived from lowest score) I’ll try to get back to you if you have any questions or comments on it, or if there is something you want me to show on the laptop.
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One Laptop Per Child


Google Tech Talks April 12, 2007 ABSTRACT The mission of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) movement is to ensure that every school-aged child in the lesser-developed parts of the world is able to engage effectively with their own personal laptop, networked to the world, so that they, their families and their communities can openly learn and learn about learning. The OLPC Association focuses on designing, manufacturing and distributing XO laptops to children in lesser developed countries, initially concentrating on those governments that have made commitments for the funding and program support required to ensure that all of their children own and can effectively use a laptop. Initially the…
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How Long Can A New Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery Last?


How Long Can A New Dell Inspiron 1525 Laptop Battery Last?

There are always some consumers asking how long on earth their new dell inspiron 1525 laptop batteries can last. Actually, this is really a difficult question to answer, because there are many factors that can affect the dell inspiron 1525 battery run-time. In other word, the laptop battery run-time mainly depends on the power demands required by the laptop components. For example, the display, the hard drive and related accessories which can result in extra power depletion. Besides, the laptop design and the hardware plugged also play an role in reducing the battery run-time. Usually, Laptops and other small electronic devices share smaller and lighter batteries and are rated by their Volts and Ampers or Miliamperes (1 Ampere or Ah is equivalent to 1000 Milliampere or mAh). To learn the run-time of a battery or its Watt-Hours, the Volts and Amps are multiplied by one another. Generally, the higher the volts the longer the Watt-Hours, but this can still vary depending on the Amps. To calculate your inspiron 1525 battery runtime, you may take look at the formula below.

 11.1 Volts, 6600 mAh (6.6 Amperes)

 11.1 x 6.6 = 73.26 Watt-Hours

 A 11.1 volt 6600 mAh laptop battery can provide approximately 73.26 watts for one hour. If you want to calculate how long your battery will last, you may directly divide the 73.26 Watt-Hours by your laptop’s watts. For example, if your laptop requires 21.2 watts per hour, your laptop will probably power for 3.46 hours. (73.26 battery watts/21.2 laptop watts = 3.46 hours of estimated runtime). Actually, this is just an formula and sometimes the run-time may vary depending on the components or any hardware running on the laptop.

Your laptop watt hour information can usually found in the user manual. Please bear in mind that the watt information does not include the use the additional installed programs, hardware or software. If you open other additional software or hardware, no doubt the runtime of your dell laptop battery will be reduced. In addition, wifi, video streaming or play games will also use up the battery power very fast. If you do some simple office work such as Word or Excels, the run-time will probably last longer.


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What to Consider When Buying from a Laptop Battery Store


What to Consider When Buying from a Laptop Battery Store

One of the most important parts of a laptop is the laptop battery, especially if the user plans to use the device at a place devoid of electric supply. Modern batteries can last for about four to five hours, pertaining to the program being run and the power usage. But when the battery abruptly stops charging fully or holding its charge then it’s probably the time for a battery replacement. This can be done through a laptop battery store.

The Stores

There are hundreds of laptop battery makers and retailers to choose from. Most of these vendors have a presence over the internet, and shopping online from genuine online stores can offer a far better variety. These sites provide high-quality products, a good range, and excellent customer service. The biggest concern when buying a replacement must be to choose a battery which fits the laptop. For that matter, it’s important to select a battery by keeping in mind the model and make of the laptop. You may also find the part number placed on the covering of the battery.

Research About The Batteries

When purchasing a battery from a laptop battery store, you must research well about all the batteries being offered for the particular laptop. Then come up with one or two choices which look the best. Select the battery that has the longest duration of life for the computer. There are many different types of batteries made using different kinds of technologies. Remember, most laptops are designed to use a specific type of technology. Therefore, choose accordingly.


The laptop battery store must offer guarantee for the product and must also give after-sales service. Most companies offer a one-year warranty. If there is no commitment, the quality of battery is probably not that good.

The Appearance Of The Battery

Are there marks or scratches on the battery? If so, then it’s possible that the store has provided a used battery. It’s important to make sure that the seal of the battery is not broken and that the casing looks flawless. Any scratches would mean tampering. The battery in such circumstances should be sent back.


Have a look at the marks. Unbranded packaging products could lead to low quality products or used products. Have a close look at sealed bag. Is the entire basic configuration to secure the laptop battery intact? If not, it’s best to send the item back. There should also be bar codes. A barcode is the global standard accepted by the authority of identity for unified management products.

There is no better way to buy laptop battery than browsing the internet. The World Wide Web offers a plethora of options for all budgets. As there are so many scams happening these days, the buyer has to be careful. It’s important to buy only from a laptop battery store which seems genuine. For that, one can research about the store by reading reviews and testimonials from previous customers. If things look good, there is no harm in going ahead and making the purchase.

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How To: Change an Apple Remote Battery


Mac Remote Dead? Front Row not opening? Try the batteries… In this how to you will see what the funny ‘springy bit’ on the bottom of the remote does, whats inside and where the battery is.

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Use Laptop Battery or Lose It,Ok?


Use Laptop Battery or Lose It,Ok?

Operating your computer unplugged will help maintain its ability to run that way in the future
Q: I want to use an IBM (IBM ) ThinkPad i1500 as a permanent desktop replacement. It would be connected to the power adapter at all times when in use. Is operating it with just the power adapter and the battery removed OK? (I tried to get an answer via the IBM ThinkPad Web site, but it won’t help because my warranty has expired.) I read somewhere that leaving in the battery subjects it to the 98% charge problem — whatever that is.
A: You definitely can run a laptop without a laptop battery. Manufacturers may hesitate to endorse such use, because they (or their lawyers) worry about liability. With no battery installed, the charging contacts will sit exposed on the bottom of the computer. They are, however, typically deeply recessed and not that easy to get to. But if you are really careless, you could get a low-voltage jolt (16 volts d.c. on a ThinkPad, up to 24 volts on some other laptops).

Leaving a lithium ion battery, the type used on virtually all laptops made in the past several years, connected to an AC power source will indeed diminish the life of the battery. Keeping the battery fully charged at all times leads to gradual deterioration of its ability to charge and discharge fully. The latest ThinkPads include software that can help maintain a battery for maximum life, but you can also alleviate the problem manually.

LIMITED LIFE.  If you leave a laptop connected to power most of the time, unplug it (while turned on) every couple of weeks to let the battery discharge. Operating on battery power will help ensure that the battery gives maximum performance should you ever really need it.

But all batteries have a limited life span, and their performance declines with use. A heavily used battery will probably need replacing after 18 months or so.
The battery is a principal element of your laptop, it is also one of most expensive and that which tends more to be damaged with time. To maintain your battery in good operating condition is thus crucial.

The batteries Ion lithium (Li-ion) of the current laptops lose their autonomy mainly because of two factors: Firstly the use, secondly the natural aging of the chemical components. Therefore, whatever the precautions which you will take your battery will wear with time. It is considered that on average a battery at one lifespan from 18 to 24 months, last this time its autonomy is likely to strongly drop.

The councils that I give you will only delay the expiry:

The first thing to understand in connection with your laptop battery it is that it loses a little its load permanently it loses a little its load permanently even if you do not use it. More the temperature of the battery is high more quickly it discharges. Thus the first thing to be made is to preserve your battery as fresh as possible. The manufacturers store their cheap laptop batteries around the 15° what they regard as the ideal temperature. On the other hand, to cool too much your battery (such as for example by arranging it in your refrigerator) risk to damage it definitively.

The second thing to know it is that the autonomy of your battery decrease a little with each cycle of charge/discharge. What is not surprising, but when one combines it with the preceding point that can involve astonishing consequences:

When a laptop user leaves his battery in his machine but guard his adapter connected to the sector, the battery of its computer passes constantly by cycles of charge/discharge!

A battery which remains utilized inside a laptop discharges a little more quickly than the normal because of the heat released by operation from the computer. Once that the level of load goes down below a predetermined level (different for each manufacturer), the adapter reloads the battery until the maximum. As the battery ages this cycle is increasingly short what still accelerates the degradation of its autonomy.

Therefore, if you do not use your battery, store it out of your laptop in a fresh and dry place.

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Dell XPS 15 L501x vs Studio XPS 1645 comparing HD video, sound & battery


Comparison between the 2 Dell XPS I have, the left is the Dell Studio XPS 1645 or the SXPS 16, it has 1gb ATI HD5730 graphic, 15.6″ WLED 1080p display and 1520 wireless-N. on the right is the new Dell XPS 15 L501x with 2gb Nvidia 435M graphic, 15.6″ B+RGLED 1080p display and intel 6300 wifi. Both have i740qm, 8gb ram & 9 cell battery. Watch the unboxing of Dell XPS15 by

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laptop battery takes an important part in people’s life


laptop battery takes an important part in people’s life

As many people use laptop instead of desktop computer, laptop battery takes an important part in people’s life. As we know, many people work or play on the laptop everywhere even when they have a vacation on the beach. To some people, they are so busy that they still need to pay attention to their work when they go out for a vacation, because there are some things need to be done by themselves. To some other people, they just take the laptop with then for fun when they are dull in the room when they are on trip.BOSCH Power Tool Battery Dewalt Power Tool Battery

To use the laptop everywhere well, you need to pay attention to the laptop battery when you buy the laptop battery.

Now, you can find much information on the website. Many people know that they can find the suitable laptop battery if they search the battery with the part number or the laptop model. After they find it, they buy it at once. But when they get it, they find that the laptop battery doesn’t work well with their laptop, which makes them feel so upset.

To avoid the above situation, we advise that paying much attention to the cells of the laptop battery when you buy a laptop battery, because if the cells are different from your original old one, it can’t work well with your laptop. There are many kinds of laptop batteries,6 cells and 9 cells or some other ones.

So when you find the laptop battery on the website, please check all the details of that. Only when all the information matches your laptop well, can you buy the item. At last you will get a working laptop battery for your laptop.

Hope the above advice is useful for you.

When you are watching NBA basketball play or watching some other video on the laptop, the laptop screen darken suddenly, which surprises you so much. You may wonder why the laptop screen darkens suddenly.LTN141W1-L05 lcd LP154W01 lcd LQ133K1LA4A lcd

Generally, there are three main reasons for the above situation.

The first kind is that there is some problem with the lamp. The aging or short-circuit of lamp will make screen dark. If there is some problem with your laptop screen lamp, just take your laptop to a professional company for checking and repairing. But this situation happens seldom. aging and short circuit is rarely tubes of The aging of laptop lamp is because being used for a long time or there is some collision when it is used (The normal lamp life can reach 3 ~ 5 years).

The second is there is no high enough voltage of the motherboard. There is some problem with the motherboard. Most of these kind problems can be solved without changing the motherboard.LP154WX4 lcd LP141WX1 lcd

The third is high-voltage plate has some problem. It is normal when the high-voltage plate is aging or burnt or the power cables loosen, because high-voltage plate works under high temperature and the chip is easily aging or burnt out.

Generally, there are the above cases if the laptop LCD screen HP Pavilion DV6000 LCD Screendarkens suddenly. Of course, there may be some other cases. If anybody finds any other reasons, please share it with us.

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5 Great Laptops Under $500


#5 Toshiba Satellite C655-S5142 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black) A nicely affordable, easy-to-use PC for basic productivity at home or in the office, the Toshiba Satellite C655 (model C655-S5142) gives families, students or small and home-based businesses the essential power and workspace to study, tackle budgets with a handy 10-key pad, keep up on Facebook and Twitter, or simply do more at their desk. #4 Gateway NV55C24u 15.6-Inch Laptop (Satin Black) Blending premium performance with trendsetting style, the Gateway NV55C24u 15.6-inch laptop offers the smart performance of the Intel dual-core processor, impressive graphics, Windows 7 Home Premium, the new Microsoft Office Starter 2010, and on-the-go connectivity so you can multitask with ease, keep up with your social networks and enjoy all your digital media from the comfort of your PC. #3 Toshiba Satellite C655-S5090 15.6-Inch Laptop (Black) A nicely affordable, easy-to-use PC for basic productivity at home or in the office, the Toshiba Satellite C655 (model C655-S5090) gives families, students or small and home-based businesses the essential power and workspace to study, tackle budgets with a handy 10-key pad, keep up on Facebook and Twitter, or simply do more at their desk. #2 HP G62-340us 15.6-Inch Laptop PC – Up to 4 Hours of Battery Life (Charcoal) Everyday value. Count on simple productivity and enjoy entertainment in high-definition with the mid-size HP G62

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How to Make a Laptop Battery From AA Batteries


How to Make a Laptop Battery From AA Batteries

Making a laptop battery from AA batteries is not the most cost-effective way of powering your laptop as regular AA batteries are not rechargeable. Additionally, you need a lot of batteries, wired in a series, to produce the required input voltage of your laptop. However, making an external laptop battery to use in case your internal laptop battery dies is a sensible idea. You can keep it nearby and you’re ready with your backup battery pack if you need it.

Please following the instructions:

1st Check the base of your laptop to determine the input voltage. Laptops usually operate on 15 volts and some require 19 volts. Each AA battery has an output of 1.5 volts, so if your laptop needs 15-volts, you need 10 AA batteries, wired in a series. Wiring in a series combines the output voltage from each AA battery so 10 AA batteries produce 15 volts.

2nd Lay your AA batteries on a flat surface and alternate the terminals. For example, if you’re using 10 batteries, you need five positive and five negative terminals one and the same the other. Label each battery numerically so that with 10 batteries you number them 1 through 10. Wrap electrical insulating tape around the batteries to form a neat and tight battery pack.


3rd Cut strips of AWG 16 wire using a knife. Two strips need to be long enough to reach from your AA battery pack to your laptop. The other strips can be very short as they only need to attach to the battery terminals. The number of short strips you need depends on the number of batteries you are using. The simple rule when wiring in a series is one less strip of wire than the number of batteries, so if you’re using 10 batteries you need nine strips of wire.

4th Remove 1/4 inch of plastic from the end of each strip of wire using wire strippers or a small knife. This exposes the inner copper wire. Label one long strip of wire “+” and the other “-.” Attach the “+” strip of wire to the positive terminal of the first battery and the “-” labeled strip of wire to the negative terminal of the last numbered battery in your pack. Use a thin strip of electrical insulating tape. These wires connect to your laptop.

5th Attach a short strip of wire to the negative terminal of the first battery and the opposite end to the positive terminal of the second battery . Repeat the process attaching short wires to the negative and then positive terminals of the batteries in numerical sequence until you attach the last short strip of wire to the positive terminal of the last numbered battery.

6th Wrap the whole battery pack in electrical insulating tape, ensuring you cover the terminals completely. Leave the two long labeled wires exposed.

7th Attach a power jack to the two long wires. The power jack must be the same size as the input socket on your laptop. Buy a power jack from any electrical store .Remove the cover and slide it over the two long wires.

8th Attach the positive wire to the positive terminal of the power jack and the negative wire to the negative terminal of the power jack. Use a soldering iron and electrical solder to do this. Touch the soldering iron, wire and solder on the terminal. Let the solder melt, then remove the soldering iron and solder and allow the connection to cool completely so the solder fuses the wire and terminal together.

A video blog about the new business notebooks from Asus with long life Sonata batteries offering 3 times the charge cycles of regular notebook batteries. Specs include intel core i5 cpus
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