Laptop battery maintenance and use of skills

All friends are worried about buying notebooks this problem. Indeed, with the birth of Centrino technology makes the laptop battery for longer standby time possible. Even some manufacturers of notebook computers even more marked for 10-hour “battery life standard.”

In fact, this is just an advertisement to attract the attention of consumers only. Most laptop batteries can not meet the so-called “official standard”, perhaps my friends will recall that Asus’s patented power-saving technology, Power 4 Gear Technology (an updated version of the Power 4 Gear +), known as the M6 series of books battery extended to 5.5 hours, but Asus’s sales staff told the author of the books of the time, battery life, also about 3 hours.

Of course, having said that, battery manufacturing process there is the problem is not that we consumers can be resolved. So when faced battery there is no “official battery life standards” when friends do not surprised, because not so long to use up time is normal (if your laptop battery time to reach the official standards, then please do not Paizhuan, I said that most of the books). If a friend who has reached the battery uniwill 7016 battery standby time less than “official battery using the standard,” then we can still be extended through a number of ways: the 1,25 ? ~ 40 ? using a standard external environment, the use of lithium-ion batteries can reach the best condition, if the temperature is too high, not only run the notebook computer itself to slow down or even crash, but the battery in such an environment is also under the will affect its efficiency. So, as far as possible under the indoor environment using a laptop. 2, the less frequently used device is disabled.

Usually when using the battery-powered best to temporarily disable the swap the unwanted interfaces, such as wireless network card, printer port, infrared port, 1394 Firewire port, etc., or would waste a lot of battery power, the specific method is in the ” Control Panel “-” System “-” hardware “-” Device Manager “to find their own want to disable the device, and then click on” disabled “can be, and need to use the time to be” enabled devices “, is very simple. After disabling the use of results have been very obvious, you can save a lot of power. 3, reduce internal power consumption of devices. More and more CPU-frequency, high-speed hard drives will bring a lot of energy consumption and increased heat dissipation.

Therefore, no special requirement, then the best use within the system or a third-party software to control the drive speed, do not open too many windows and programs in order to avoid CPU overload of work, so not only can reduce the battery power consumption, another can also reduce the bulk heat, in the “autumn tiger” there is the season, this is still a little benefit. D, start charging the battery of the notebook is very harmful to Start charging in the end there any disadvantages? Once I have a buddy to see my phone is start charging, and then over that one: wow!

How dare you start charging, you are not afraid of the battery exploded! ? Although a joke, it reflects a lot of friends of the use of errors. In the laptop batteries, uniwill 7026 battery the previous design of some models is that if the use of battery-powered, then even if the plug AC adapter, books, or the use of battery-powered, which means “can not be recharged into the” phenomenon of today’s notebook computers are not so The design of the dangerous, and when the plug when the AC adapter immediately shifted to an external power supply and began to charge the battery.

So now there is no need for shutdown recharge. E, long-term without batteries not leave your side The issues are often ignored users. But this problem from time small, and I talk to the laptop engineer told this writer, many notebook manufacturers on the proposed user to control the battery power more than about 5%, this approach is to eliminate electrode passivation, since the Laptop batteries at the factory the time has already begun the slow self-discharge (to activate the battery thing has been accomplished in the workshop, and do not need us to worry about), a laptop is likely to be consumers at the factory six months after purchase, but the battery has discharged half a year a. And then here is my suggestion that my friends is that if long-term without the battery while using AC adapter, power supply, it is best left to the laptop battery for at least 40% – 50% of the electricity I let the self-discharge, if there is no electricity, then let the battery self-discharge , it is easy to problems or even scrapped.

You want to, ah, self-discharge is certainly to be put, but which no power anything you put it, ah, no problem will be strange! There is also a need to pay attention to the question: If you do not have a long-term battery-powered and powered by AC adapter (such as students), put the battery in a cool dry place such as cabinets. Such an approach is to avoid the humid environment, while if the machine do not, it is best separated from the battery and the books you do not believe we bought a time when attention to cell phones and books look at businesses are not separated from the battery and the machine placed?

F, Death of, but there is no way to pull the battery I have seen some friends before the machine does not properly shut down phenomenon, and even illegal shutdown is not useful, Blame the great “fainted dead” system bar! Older brother who directly come to the final one-two with eyes closed, foot-stomping three to pull the battery, only to hear the laptop batteries uniwill n251 battery Yishengcanjiao to shut.

In fact, this approach has been very harmful, because in the standby state, the memory is powered and working, if the rash direct access to the battery down, data loss is inevitable, but do not get inserted when the AC adapter, laptop battery , such an approach can only be a hundred harm than good.

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