Why laptop battery can not charge and out of work

Generally, we said our laptop battery dead means that : the battery out of charge or discharge. The laptop battery can not work after used for some months most caused by the problem. Also sometimes the battery suddenly can not be recognized by laptop. This is the adapter or mohterboard problem (espacially in dell laptop battery).

To second problem we only can change the adapter or motherboard.


Why Laptop battery can not discharge
(1.)The laptop battery after the storage using and the life decay;

(2.) Lacking charge or not be charged;

(3.) Ambient temperature is too low;

(4.) Discharge efficient less, such as the large current discharge cause voltage sharp drop to 0, then electricity can not be released

(5.) The laptop battery has been in over-discharge protection.

The Solution for Laptop battery can not dischage

(1.) The Apple A1185 Battery during storage should take a monthly charge and discharge;

(2.)Charging the battery at 10% state;

(3.)Using in a normal environment;

(4.)Using proper adapter of the machine.

(5.)To place it in icebox for about 10 hours and cool place 2-4 days to unlock the protection


Why laptop battery out of charge

(1.)The battery in zero voltage;

(2.)Charging failure, no output current;

(3.)External factors have led to the charging efficiency is too low

(such as low or high temperature).

The solution for laptop battery can not charge

(1.)Check your charger output voltage and current;

(2.)Check the laptop battery charger output connection is good or not

(3.)Charge the battery with 1.5 times the maximum voltage of the battery, 1.5C high current charging, active the battery . (Only when the battery can not charge, use this method).

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