How to Buy a Dell Laptop Battery

Finding a Dell inspiron 1520 laptop battery may seem like an overwhelming task, especially if you have an older laptop model. You can easily find the Dell laptop battery you need, and get indispensable safety information as well.

Search the Dell website. Fill out the search box on the website. If you know the battery name and type that you need, enter that information in the search box. Navigate the search results and add your selection to the shopping cart. If you do not know the exact battery you need for your laptop model, then locate your laptop on the website and add this to your shopping cart, even though you do not want to buy the entire laptop. This will start the customized building of your laptop system, so you can navigate the battery options available for your model. Decide which battery you want to buy. Perform another search in the search box for the battery you want. Select this item from the results page and add this to your shopping cart. Proceed to checkout.

Check with third party sellers before purchasing your battery. Computer stores sell various new and refurbished computer parts at deep discounts. Check online and retail stores that sell Dell products. Do not buy a Dell laptop compatible battery. Although battery manufacturers may suggest the laptop battery is Dell compatible, it may harm your laptop. Be sure that the third party seller offers only Dell laptop batteries.

Confirm the appropriate battery you need with a Dell customer service representative. Many third party sellers offer Dell laptop compatible batteries, but the sellers may unknowingly sell recalled laptop batteries. A recent recall on a Dell laptop battery was necessary when several laptops burst into flames. If you buy through a third party, confirm with Dell GB761 battery has not been issued a recall.

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