Battery Care Manages Laptop Batteries

Windows only software Battery Care helps the user manage laptop batteries in a better way by providing detailed information and advanced functionality that the operating system does not offer. The program is compatible with most Microsoft operating systems including the soon to be released Windows 7. Basic details are provided in the applications main window. This includes the remaining battery capacity, the remaining battery time, the battery status, battery charge cycles and the cpu temperature of the laptop.

It is easy to switch to detailed information which add information about the total, designed and active capacity of the laptop in mWh, the charge and discharge rate of the laptop battery, the tension, wear level and last calibration date.

One of the most interesting functions of Battery Care is without doubt the monitoring of the battery’s discharge cycle. The program will suggest a full battery recharge every 30 discharge cycles. The software to manage laptop batteries can also be configured to automatically switch power plans based on the power source of the laptop.

The remaining battery time and charge percentage is displayed as a icon in the Windows system tray with additional information being displayed in a popup. Battery Care is an excellent laptop battery manager for the Windows operating system. It can be downloaded from the developer’s website.

Laptop Power Plan Assistant For Windows 7

Power Plan Assistant for Windows 7 extends the power plan options provided by the Windows 7 operating system by making them more accessible to the user. The software program will display an icon in the system tray after installation that can be used for that purpose. Some Windows 7 users might need to customize the display of the icon so that it is displayed at all times in the system tray (it is by default set to only display notifications and not the icon).

A left-click on the icon will display all power plans that have been configured in the operating system. This makes those power plans more accessible as Windows 7 by default only displays a link to the power plans in the system tray if the computer runs on battery (which means there is no direct option to switch power plans).

The very same menu contains an option to power off the display of the computer to save additional power. This can save a minute or even more of the power needed to power the display depending on the configuration of the active power saving plan as Windows 7 does not offer the option to dim the display instantly.

A right-click on the icon opens configuration options. The menu contains a link to the Windows Control Panel where power plans can be configured and new power plans added. These new power plans appear then during a left-click as well.

The user of the computer can configure the program to switch to a power plan when a power source is plugged in and out and to activate power saving mode at a specific power level. It is a bit unfortunate that the custom power plans are not available in the selection. That’s something that the developer might consider adding to a later version of the laptop power plan assistant.

Power Plan Assistant is compatible with Microsoft’s operating system Windows 7. The software can be downloaded from the developer’s website. Other applications that offer a similar functionality are Battery Care, the laptop battery monitor Battcursor or Powertop for Linux.

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