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One of the most frustrating aspects of owning a laptop is the problem of battery life. Most laptop manufacturers claim six to eight hours of battery per full charge, but how long can the battery actually carry that kind of charge? The reality is most toshiba pa3451-1brs laptop battery starts degrading within the first year, then you find yourself depending more and more on available wall outlets. Bang goes portability for an expensive piece of electronics! All that trouble for the want of a toshiba pa3638u-1bap battery with a workable charge.

The second most frustrating thing about the laptop is the availability of a replacement unit. Chances are, the original manufacturers don’t have it on stock, has phased out that particular model or will take forever to ship it to you. provides replacement laptop batteries for many laptop models. These include models under Acer, Asus, Hitachi, Dell, Fujitsu, Sony and Toshiba. For models for which a replacement battery is not available, the website can offer battery extenders for many models as well. The site also guarantees a delivery of 48 hours within the AU, and for purchases of more than , even ships it for free! That’s a relief as well as a convenience!

New Trent laptop batteries are brand new replacement batteries made from first-class quality cells, tested throughout the manufacturing process to match the original battery’s performance. Manufactured under international standards and certification the battery is guaranteed to be built to original specifications, and has no memory effect. Each replacement battery carries a 12-month warranty for factory defects and a 30-days money-back guarantee.

In order to determine if you can purchase a replacement acer aspire 6930 battery or a battery extender, check out for available battery models. If your particular model is not available, you may want to consider a laptop battery extender instead. You can also request for your model’s battery from the manufacturers. New Trent has an impressively prompt and customer-oriented service record. This is one of the reasons they are so popular, and why they can offer the batteries at such bargain-basement prices. Check out New Trent’s batteries at and you can let all your laptop frustrations melt away.

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Newtrent is the worldwide leading manufacturer of the Li-ion polymer (LIP) battery pack that provides extended battery life for many of the more popular laptop electronic devices. It also sells top brands laptop battery, external battery backup accessories for smartphones, psp and nintendo ds lite game systems

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