okay i am SO MAD. you don’t know how MUCH trouble i had uploading this. i uploaded this, and then youtube said uploading failed. and i re-tried 2 more times (each about 15mins) but still cannot. then i had to re-render in sonyvegas to avi format and that took kinda long then to upload it took 1hr+ but my laptop ran out of battery and hibernated so i had to re-upoad it(1hr+) and then the settings(including description box) couldn’t save. i re-typed it so many times but still cannot D’: ugh. i am so angry with youtube uhh. cause of one punctuation mark they said couldn’t put in description. so now i’m re-typing it without that. okay. i took FOREVER to do this video, (like 15secs-5hrs :o ) but i kinda had fun :D i wana do the whole thing, but i don’t know how long it’ll take. if you want me to do so, COMMENT kayys :D if you don’t, you still have to(: {^from the video uploaded on my backup account^} when i uploaded this(this account), they said uploading failed!! but then a few days later the video WAS uploaded! wth. so i didn’t do the description and all.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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