Traveler’s Notebook Starbucking

Image by koalazymonkey
Wanted to get my supplies for my Midori Traveler’s Notebook, but only to realize that the book store was closed. Feeling disappointed for a wasted trip, need to hunt down a happilazer – STARBUCK, without a doubt.

Timbuk2, never fail me.. from bags to wallets.. they are still going strong. For example the ID card holder, its been with me for about 4 years, and it still serving me well.

Midori Traveler’s notebook – No one understand why i pay such a high price for this notebook. I believe in quality. I can squeeze 2 notebooks, namecard holders, and many other items inside this notebook which other notebooks cant do so. For now, i have 2 notebooks inside, a Fieldnotes, and many namecards from various working partners. Its all about function.

Taken with iphone, camerabag – decided to post its original.

Inside my Traveler’s Notebook

Image by koalazymonkey
1 of the way to get ideas flowing, is to pump in some coffee into the body. Cant stop drawing when the first picture kicks in.

Drawing on my notebooks – I start learning on how to draw lately. It allows me to understand my ideas easily, and give me flow to more ideas.

Next, I will learn, how to write.

Photo taken with iphone, Camerabag – Magazine.

Notebook shelf

Image by dklegman
Here’s where I keep various notebooks. Not pictured: The extremely worn-out jotter Volant that lives in my jacket and is soon to be retired, and a yearly planner moleskine I got for way-cheap at a bookstore. There’s also a contacts book I got a few years ago that seldom leaves my desk.

Most of these are still being used for their particular purposes. Noted above are a couple or three blanks which are handy in case of a rainy day or anticipated future use.

My preferred "standard" notebook is a squared pocket moleskine. These are fine and durable multipurpose books, and the grid lines are good for impromptu tables, maps or other arranging jobs. They’re also among the most common Moleskines and are findable pretty much any place that sells journals.

I’m such a notebook junkie. I blame this on my parents, who had a stock of blank books around when I was very young. I also blame this on plentiful little Italian notebooks.

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